Why Whitney Wolfe Created A Unique Dating App

There are more single people than ever these days, which is why dating apps are such a welcomed addition to the dating scene. In fact, 40 percent of Americans now use dating apps. The truth is that it really works. In a study, it was found that twenty percent of today’s relationships started online, on an online dating app.

So which apps are the most popular? There are many apps out there. The app that is most popular in the age demographic of between eighteen and twenty nine years old, the age group that uses their phone the most and which you would expect to be on the dating scene the most, is Bumble, which was created by Whitney Wolfe. According to a study, over sixty three percent of young adults between eighteen and twenty nine who use a dating app use Bumble as their preferred app.

The advantages of Bumble are many. The first thing is that only women can start a conversation when two users like each other. This is beneficial for women, as it gives them more power and allows them to escape creepy messages from random men, while it helps men who get frustrated from sending an untold number of messages first and never getting a reply.

The founder of Bumble is Whitney Wolfe. She is also the co-founder of Tinder, the most popular dating app on the dating market. Bumble is the fourth most popular app, though as mentioned it is the most popular with young people. Bumble is worth $500 million.

Whitney Wolfe started her career at 22 with a startup called Cardify. She later went on to create Tinder with the head of Cardify. Whitney Wolfe was named as one of the most important women under 30 in tech by Business Insider. She was also named as one of the Elle’s women in tech.

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