Securus Technologies: Keeping Our Prisons Safe

Did you know that technology can actually help prevent crimes inside prison walls? Securus Technology is an interesting technology company that I recently read about. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and employs over 1,000 people. Securus provides everything from a Location Based Service, to cell phone monitoring, to its patented Cell Phone Defender service. Securus Technologies is the largest provider of prison technology services in North America.


While Securus Technologies typically flies under the radar, working with select vendors, the company released a fascinating batch of articles that was full of pull quotes from various vendors that volunteered to share their thoughts on how Securus Technologies had impacted their operations.


Among the testimonials were ones that gave general compliments to Securus Technologies and stated that they had seen great results from the technology. Others shared specific instances of how the technology had helped them either keep things secure or solve crimes on the outside. For example, one series of monitored phone calls unearthed that a prison employee was corrupt. The employee was bringing in contraband items for prisoners. Another instance showed that monitored calls were able to find out that contraband cell phone was being used inside prison walls to coordinate crimes outside the prison. Additionally, one example from a Sherriff’s office spoke about how Securus’ Location Based Service technology had helped his team of officers track down over a million dollars in stolen items. This included weapons, firearms and stolen assets.


Among the many testimonials, the one I found the most interesting was one that monitored a call between an inmate and his brother outside of prison. The inmate was attempting to procure a fake alibi from his brother. Thanks to Securus, the prosecutor was able to use the taped call to put the inmate away for his crime.