A Brief Introduction To The Philanthropic Work Of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is perhaps best known for her recent appointment to the presidential cabinet as the Secretary of Education under U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, however, she also has a extensive body of work as a philanthropist as well as advocate for educational reform. Ms. DeVos first began her philanthropic ventures when she and her husband, Dick DeVos, first visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids which had itself a very long and storied history of serving the impoverished members of the school’s surrounding community. Ms. DeVos states in a recent interview with the website, Philanthropy Roundtable, that she was extremely moved by the stories of the parents of the children who attended the school, who informed her how hard it was for them to find safe and considerate schools who would actually focus on important curricula.

Betsy DeVos returned numerous times to the Potter’s House Christian School and realized that, due to their substantial wealth, the DeVos family could send their children to basically any school or schools that they wanted – however, the parents whom they encountered were far less fortunate. It was this realization that prompted Ms. DeVos to begin supporting the school, a venture which would snowball into a myriad of other education driven endeavors. Check her website for more info at betsydevos.com.

From this point Ms. DeVos and her husband began funding a series of various different scholarships to help less fortunate parents obtain more school choice for their children, however, one of the problems which the couple ran into was the realization that no matter how many scholarships they gave out, it would never address the core, or root, of the problem – the inherent option, or lack thereof, of school choice. In the mid 90s Ms. DeVos made her first entry into politics to further champion the cause of school choice, in 2000, she embarked on a campaign to change the state constitution of Michigan which would allow for school vouchers, that is, tax credit scholarships – unfortunately the move failed but this didn’t slow down Ms. DeVos efforts. In 2001 Ms. DeVos got involved with a political action committee called The Great Lakes Education Project which worked to advance the cause of education reform which inspired Ms. DeVos and her husband to create the American Federation for Children, a 501(C) non-profit organization which is dedicated to the advancement of the cause of school choice and school vouchers.

Read more: http://nypost.com/2017/01/30/why-we-need-an-outsider-like-betsy-devos-as-education-secretary/

Oncotarget and its relevance to the medical fraternity

Information is power. This is one statement whose importance cannot be overemphasized beyond its literal interpretation. Since time immemorial, scientists and researchers in the medical fraternity have always been on the pursuit for new information and discoveries. Now thanks to technology and publications such as Oncotarget their findings can be publicly viewed by their fellow peers and the public at large hence helping on the buildup of information. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

What is Oncotarget?

Oncotarget an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on issues involving cancers, its potential causes, treatment and therapy mechanisms used in the care and management of patients. This publication also takes a management angle whereby it focuses on a patient’s quality of life, satisfaction and adherence to different management programs and therapeutic processes.

Even as we try to understand this journal, it is important to note that Oncotarget is multidisciplinary in nature and its journals are published online once a week. With the wide mission of making scientific results and evidences widely accessible throughout the world, this publication seeks to attain its mission through its specific objectives that include;

  • Providing a link for different biomedical science fields
  • Eliminating the boundary between specialty
  • Promotes quick sharing of exceptional discoveries being made
  • Provide an insightful view of this thereby maximizing the impact of research and
  • Helps promote the use of clinical and basic science in the fight of different diseases

Far and beyond Oncotarget has been able to achieve much than was actually projected. This is all thanks to its good leadership structure that include highly competent doctors and researchers. At the helm of its editorial team is Editor-in-Chief Dr Faris Farassat. Thanks to his stewardship, this publication has been able to achieve an impact factor of 2.272 and a five-year impact factor of 2.235.

In addition to this success, it is also worth noting owing to the success that the publication has been able to achieve it has increased on the number of specialties it will address to include: Pathology, Neuroscience, Aging, Microbiology, Cell Death, Neurotarget, Circadian Rhythm, Immunology and Autophagy. This has also seen the publication size increase to an employee of 11 to 50 employees.

With this in mind look watch out for the next Oncotarget publication soon and help grow the wide knowledge of science. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Dr Shinto: InnovaCare’s Force of Change

InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC is a healthcare outfit that gives managed healthcare services. It provides managed Medicare plans as well as physician practice services. The company is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The current President and Chief Executive Officer is one Dr A. Richard Shinto who has over twenty years clinical experience as well as operational healthcare experience specifically in managed care.

Dr Shinto served as President and CEO of Aveta Inc. from 2008 until its eventual sale in 2012. Before being the President, he was a member of Aveta Inc.’s management team. He was also the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California after working as Medical Pathways Management Company’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer. Dr Shinto left to become Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health plan in Orange County after he served as Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners between 1996 and 1997. His career, however, began in Southern California as an intern and pulmonologist who was practicing in Southern California.

Rick Shinto has been acknowledged as being the face of change at InnovaCare Health. He is one of the reasons that the company is as successful as it is today. He is positive that InnovaCare will grow and spread into other markets thereby making improvements that will definitely be beneficial to patients. It didn’t take long after being hired as Chief Executive Officer in 2012 for him to become known as the person who inspired everyone to give nothing but the best. It is no surprise when you look at the success of InnovaCare since his entrance.

Know more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-shinto#/entity

InnovaCare’s popularity has been boosted by the fact that it has made visits to the Doctor’s office so much more affordable. More and more Puerto Ricans have managed to gain access to improved healthcare compared to the past. This is enabled by the clever use of technology to offer more affordable options while still maintaining quality and service levels. An average of 7 in every 10 people have chosen InnovaCare over Insurance companies because they can now afford care plans.

Apart from his innovative thinking and expertise in the healthcare field, Dr Shinto has also written several works on clinical medicine. He attained an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands and earned a medical degree from the State University of New York after graduating from the University of California with a B.S. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Why Whitney Wolfe Created A Unique Dating App

There are more single people than ever these days, which is why dating apps are such a welcomed addition to the dating scene. In fact, 40 percent of Americans now use dating apps. The truth is that it really works. In a study, it was found that twenty percent of today’s relationships started online, on an online dating app.

So which apps are the most popular? There are many apps out there. The app that is most popular in the age demographic of between eighteen and twenty nine years old, the age group that uses their phone the most and which you would expect to be on the dating scene the most, is Bumble, which was created by Whitney Wolfe. According to a study, over sixty three percent of young adults between eighteen and twenty nine who use a dating app use Bumble as their preferred app.

The advantages of Bumble are many. The first thing is that only women can start a conversation when two users like each other. This is beneficial for women, as it gives them more power and allows them to escape creepy messages from random men, while it helps men who get frustrated from sending an untold number of messages first and never getting a reply.

The founder of Bumble is Whitney Wolfe. She is also the co-founder of Tinder, the most popular dating app on the dating market. Bumble is the fourth most popular app, though as mentioned it is the most popular with young people. Bumble is worth $500 million.

Whitney Wolfe started her career at 22 with a startup called Cardify. She later went on to create Tinder with the head of Cardify. Whitney Wolfe was named as one of the most important women under 30 in tech by Business Insider. She was also named as one of the Elle’s women in tech.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/whitney-wolfe-future-connections/

George Soros Once Again Sees Politics as Key to Our Future

The Hungarian born financial expert George Soros arrived in the U.S. in the 1950s with a short term plan to build his fortune and return to Europe after five years working on Wall Street; over six decades later and the now U.S. citizen is still living and working in the U.S. in a way he hopes will have a positive effect on the world as a whole. Forbes reports George Soros found success with his career as a hedge fund manager and formed his own fund in 1969 with just $12 million, which has now morphed into the Soros Fund Management brand that manages assets worth a staggering $30 billion. Soros returned to active investing in 2015 and also made a major return to political and philanthropic life at the same time as the Holocaust survivor stated he had spotted the need for him to return to major political giving for the first time since 2004.

During the 2004 Presidential Election, George Soros donated around $27 million to the campaign of Democrat John Kerry for The White House, largely because of the fear Soros had about the policies of President George W. Bush and his opposition to the Iraq War. At the end of the election cycle it was made clear that George Soros was not going to be making a habit of making multi-million dollar donations to political parties and the 2004 election should be viewed as a defining moment where the financial expert saw the global political situation as unique, according to Politico.

In 2015 it appears George Soros once again saw the rise of a right wing within global society that he felt was so strong it needed to be fought with all the might that could be mustered by those on the left of politics. George Soros made a major commitment to the election campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to become the first woman to become the U.S. President; included in the financial commitment made by Soros to the Clinton campaign was a $13 million donation made directly to her campaign and a further $12 million to Super PAC’s backing the campaign.

George Soros understands the fact there are many issues facing the U.S. and the global political arena at the current time and uses his own Open Society Foundations to back the issues he feels are most important. In the U.S. George Soros feels some of the most important work he can complete is to protect the rights of minority groups with financial donations made to groups seeking to ensure all U.S. citizens have the chance to vote no matter if they come from a minority group within the nation.

Visit cnbc.com to know more about George Soros.

Deutsche Bank top Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg Continues To Carve The Path To Success

Julie Zuckerberg currently works at Deutsche Bank as the Executive Recruitment Lead for US Talent Acquisition. In this capacity, she works closely with leaders in the fields of Operations, Global Technology, Asset Management and economic business so as to consolidate policies on talent acquisition in the region, as well as improve the overall recruitment process. Julie also takes the lead in negotiations and the development of executive-level offers. On top of that, she also guides the senior managerial level committee on recruitment and hiring best practices in order to increase knowledge and engagement, which in turn attracts talent to the company. Over the course of her career, Julie has held various high power positions in some of the biggest financial services institutions in the market today. Her skills in talent acquisition and management, team leadership, executive search and recruiting, behavioral interviewing, and employee hiring and training have propelled her to the top of her field.


Julie received her degree in Philosophy from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College. She then went to get her JD in Law from the New York Law School. She started her career working as the head of staff placement at Hudson in 2002. In the five years she worked here, Julie recruited attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and other permanent and temporary staff for law firms, financial service companies, and corporations. She went on to join Citi Global Functions as their Executive Recruiter in 2007. While here, Julie is credited with creating innovative recruitment techniques that are still used today such as the Internet and social media searches, direct sourcing, and employee referrals. Between 2011 and 2013, she was moved up to the position of Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank where she is credited with developing and negotiating complex employment offers such as relocation, equity buyouts, and clawbacks. After this, Julie went to work at the New York Life Insurance Company as the Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hiring Recruiting Lead. During her tenure with the firm, she collaborated with senior-level management to provide offer development, full life-cycle recruiting, and talent strategy planning and implementation.


She then joined the New York area branch of Deutsche Bank in 2014.Julie initially came in as Vice President, Talent Acquisition, and Executive Recruiter. In this capacity, she worked with other recruiters to manage full cycle recruitment of executives in various departments, including regional management, finance, audit, compliance global technology, and strategy. Her exemplary service led her to be promoted to her current position in November 2015. Her full title now is Executive Talent Acquisition Lead – Private, Wealth and Commercial Clients, Asset Management and Global Technology Operations. She is in charge of steering recruitment and talent acquisition for the bank. She also advises executives on hiring best practices and provides senior managers and executives with strategic coaching and directing with the aim of attracting top, diverse talent to the firm. She has been able to make great strides in her career, as well as move to the top of the ladder, in a short amount of time. Julie Zuckerberg currently resides in Manhattan, New York. When she is not working, she indulges in her other interests, which include running, technology, art, photography, and food. Julie Zuckerberg is involved in various past time activities including technology, art, and photography and much more. She resides in Manhattan, NYC.


The Professional & Personal Life Of Julie Zuckerberg

Todd Lubar Provides Affordable Housing Loans for Home Owners


In Baltimore, the real estate business thrives on massive crisis. Although this is true, there has been exemplary come back in the property market over the past two years. Last April, banks increased sales through foreclosures. The result was a sales drop by 7% in Baltimore area. The homes for sale settled for higher retail prices too. Marking this crisis in the real estate business, Maryland altered numerous regulations. With real estate business featuring many challenges, citizens need assistance in saving and credit clearance. That is why Todd Lubar is instrumental in the real estate business.


In an article on angel.co, Todd’s career in real estate began in 1995 following his graduation from the University of Syracuse. He attained a degree in speech communication. Following his fascination with the real estate industry, Todd pursued the business. His first experience was his appointment at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked as a loan instigator. Being a visionary entrepreneur, Todd served the corporation diligently through offering clients affordable loan interests for housing. He mastered the art and became an expert through providing conventional mortgage banking.

Legacy Financial Group

Since Todd Lubar wanted to expound his knowledge and skills in real estate, he generated rapport with insurance agents, real estate agents, and CPAs. Currently, the relationships he built with the people make a huge base of Todd’s referrals. In 1999, Mr. Lubar took a bold step towards developing his career. The move involved his appointment as chair at Legacy Financial Group. This position allowed him to expand his knowledge on lending loans to clients at affordable interest rates. With these new skills, Todd was in a position to lend to loans to foreign investors as well as direct mortgage banks. https://www.linkedin.com/in/todd-lubar-a3330565

Legendary Properties LLC

A few years into Legacy Financial Group, Todd founded Legendary Properties LLC. Under his leadership, the company focused on purchasing, reforming, trading and profit generation on housing. These activities engaged single family residences to approximately twenty single unit homes. When Todd established Legendary Properties, he formed a business rapport with contractors, house agents, and insurance companies. These relationships profoundly contributed to the company’s success. His next business project comprised the establishment of Charter Funding. This was a high-class real estate organization.

About Todd Lubar

Todd’s career in real estate began in 1995. He has since hopped in firms with the aim of providing affordable interest rates on housing loans. He has consistently invested in good rapport with real estate agents. This enables him to acquire quick and easy problem-solving solutions for homeowners.

Check out his tumblr account.

Bruce Levenson Do Good Institute

If you are ready to start investing for the future, the Do Good Institute is one of the ways in which you can accomplish your goals. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are taking place within the company. Not only that, but Bruce Levenson is starting to work and put his time into their projects. This is a huge change from what he was previously doing. During his time in business, Bruce Levenson has worked to make the world a better place. With the changes that are being made in this area, he is starting to see how he can build wealth over the long term for others.

Bruce Levenson

When Bruce Levenson was with the Atlanta Hawks, a lot of people thought that he would fail. Bruce Levenson is the type of person who is always willing to help others no matter how much it will cost him personally. There are many people who are ready to start thinking about the changes that are going on in the business world. In a feature by ESPN, with his work in the NBA, a lot of business owners reach out to him about his thoughts on particular issues that they have. If you are ready to start building wealth for the future, you need to figure out a way to get on the same plan as other people. There are many people who are excited about the changes that are coming in the business world today.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Do Good Institute is a company that is focused on helping other people. Bruce Levenson wants to be involved in the company, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. Over the long term, he has proven to truly care about what the lives of other people want and need. Check out his personal website at brucelevenson.com.

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson

Hawaiian Water Company Launches Social Media Giveaway

The Hawaiian bottled water company ,Waiakea water has come out with a social media giveway. It is called the #FollowYourFlow contest. The contest will give one lucky winner the chance to travel to Hawaii and spend up to four days there while being given access to special events.

Waiakea springs is teaming up with with airfare company, Skyscanner who will provide up to $1000 in airfare credit for the contest winner to get to Hawaii and back home.

The water company sponsoring the event, Waiakea water says that its contest is all about promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Its electrolyte rich and and naturally alkaline PH sourced volcanic water does just that to our bodies when we consume it. Learn more about Waiakea water: https://gust.com/companies/waiakea

In addition to getting up to $1000 in round trip airfare credits, the winner of the #FollowYourFlow social media contest will get access to the four day Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Hawaii. The festival will run from February the 23rd until February the 26th.

This one a kind yoga festival features some of the top yoga instructors from around the world, plenty of meditation, entertainment such as music, outdoor events such as hiking and fresh local cuisine of the Hawaiian nature.

One yogi, who is a yoga guru, named Kameron Waters, says he is honored to work with Waiakea and its #FollowYourFlow social media contest. He says that to him following his flow means a complete dedication and ideal performance in whatever your doing. The fact that Waiakea water is promoting the art of yoga and people achieving their balance in life is very positive and he is happy to be part of it.

The #FollowYourFlow contest is open to both customers of Waiakea and Skyscanner. Participants are only required to submit their name, birthrate and email address. The contest ends on January the 31st and the winner will be announced on the first day of February.

Waiakea water is a bottled water company that is sourced from volcanoes on the islands of Hawaii. The water is one of the few waters on Earth that are naturally alkaline in nature and contain electrolytes or minerals that are essential to good health.

Waiakea uses renewable energy and recycled packaging to minimize its environmental footprint.

For Weddings in Chicago and New York, Go With George Street Photo

When it comes to capturing ever detail of a wedding in either still or video form, one of the premier companies is George Street Photo. They have staff in over 40 cities, including Chicago. Couples can capture their special day against the many beautiful and historic backdrops the city has to offer, like Millennium Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo, the shores of Lake Michigan, and for sports fans, iconic Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, or the Chicago White Sox stadium.

George Street Photo and Video Address also has a location in New York. For newly married couples, the opportunities for memorable wedding shoots are endless. Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and hundreds more.

George Street’s Chicago address is 4313 N. Lincoln Avenue. The New York address is 1120 6th Street. Call them at (866)831-4103.