Copa Star: Rio de Janeiro Luxurious Hospital

Luxury and comfort are the exact definitions of Rio’s new hospital; Copa Star. The hospital has introduced a new concept in the world of medicine. It is the hospital’s modern architecture that makes it stand out from the majority. Rede D’Or owns Copa Star, and the hospital’s design resembles most of the Rede D’Or designs.

Copa Star focuses on different fields of medicine, but its primary focus is cardiology. The hospital seeks to be the best in the cardiology in Rio de Janeiro.

It took three years for the hospital to be completed, and that is why it beams with elegance. The hospital sits on a 21,000 square meters, and it has seven floors. Rede D’Or spent R $400 million towards the construction of the hospital


The hospital has a breathtaking design that provides comfort to its patients. At the reception area, the hospital has a magnificent grand piano and alluring artwork from the world renowned artist Yutaka Toyota. The hospital is designed with a glass ceiling that allows the flow of natural light. With over 155 patient suites, the hospital provides utmost care and comfort to their patients.

They have designed a world-class restaurant that gives patients and their loved ones a taste of different cuisines. Read more on Side Tech.


The hospital has hybrid rooms, operating rooms with robotic medicine, and neurosurgical rooms. The modern technology has enabled the doctors to provide the patients with world-class medical care. The patients’ rooms have been fitted with iPads with a specific app unique to the hospital. The app allows the patients to control specific functions of the rooms like adjusting the lighting, opening and closing the curtains. The patients also use the iPads to communicate with the doctors. The doctors, on the other hand, use the devices to share the radiology results with the patients.

Intensive Care Units are known to be dull and depressing, however, in Copa Star that is not the case. The rooms include screens that display real-time images. The hospital has cameras on top buildings that capture the magic in the streets. This is what keeps the patients entertained. Visit their profile page on


The hospital is not only known for its luxury and comfort, but also for its top-notch patient care. The medical personnel go above and beyond to ensure that the patients are conformable and well-taken care off. All the nurses undergo two-month training. The training provides the registered nurses with the information and skills they need to take care of the patients. They are also provided with the skills to handle the patients with all forms of conditions and attitudes.

Rede D’Or plans to expand this new concept medicine by opening other hospitals in other major cities in Brazil.