Change Your Makeup Bag And Change The World With Lime Crime

Who ever knew you could save lives just by choosing the right makeup brands to fill your night stand and beauty bag? Doe Deere knows for sure, because she is the awesome creator of an outstanding new revolutionary line of cosmetics that is literally taking up arms to save the planet!


Designing a line of highly pigmented totally in your face makeup products that are bold and brave and strange and creative and completely out of this world, Doe Deere has already managed to make history just on that aspect alone, but as it turns out her makeup line “Lime Crime” has taken things one step further than just being comprised of impeccable quality, color, and strength. Doe Deere’s line of makeup is made up without any use whatsoever of any type of animal product, animal byproduct, or use of animal testing. Thanks to this huge step in productive engineering of her product line, Doe Deere is literally saving lives with the vegan, cruelty free line of outstanding highly-pigmented face and nail products.


Not only a lover of animals and a firm believer in protecting their rights for life and freedom from being unnecessarily;y abused for the sake of longer eyelashes, Doe Deere is also New Yorker at heart who has seen her fair share of interesting characters and revels in the wonderful originality that seems to soak up from the floor of the subways into the personalities of the people. Believing fully that every individual should be allotted the joy of freedom to uncensored expression with bright colors and unapologetic weirdness, Lime Crime has managed to embody a little bit of everything, both colors and shades, that can match up to all different types of unique personalities no matter what all you might be interested in labeling yourself as.


Maybe you’re a goth, maybe you’re a prep, maybe you’re a punk, or a princess or the queen/king of drag. No matter what it is you’re looking for that makes you smile and feel at home in your own skin, Doe Deere has a little bit of something for everyone to feel like they belong. Lime Crime isn’t built for one, single personality. It’s more like a portal to a land where you finally have all the tools you’ve ever wanted to paint yourself into the person you’ve always known you are or have always wanted to be.


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