Oncotarget’s Educative Bio-medical Publications

Oncortarget is a twice a week open access bio-medical journal that covers different topics on all of the vast variety of oncology and it also covers topics that are beyond oncology such as immunology, pathology, aging and others. It was first established in the year 2010 and has achieved great achievements over the past seven years. It is published by Impact Journals. This article will recap on one of the articles published by the journal and also give more information about it.

Severe neutropenia in the cabazitaxel treatment is usually associated with survival benefits in men who have metastatic castration. This is one of the articles that are published by oncortarget and the full text can be obtained via this link. It says that cabazitaxel usually improves the overall survival in men who have undergone metastatic castration prostrate cancer that progresses either during or after castration.

It continues to give the results of various tests that they have carried out to further prove their point on this topic. Their allegations always come with proven tests hence you can be sure you will be obtaining first hand information wherever you will be reading an article from this journal.

Oncortarget is a popularly renowned multidisciplinary journal that has also assured its distinguished readers that its publications will always be available and it is slowly achieving its goal to be the first ever journal to present a whole issue to PubMed only after a few days after online publication and as it s, it now does its publications every twice a week, all this in an effort to accelerate the indexing processes.

Oncotarget usually works closely with various high profile scientific indexes so they can make the scientific results really fast and also widely available to the medical field researchers as well as the general public. The information they publish is usually very educative and simplifies a lot for its readers.

Oncotarget is now a well advanced bio-medical journal that simply puts all the information you may require in a common place that is easy to access and only requires the use of your internet. Its achievements so far are that it has been able to publish seven volumes and 324 different issues since it was first establishes as earlier said, 2010.

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