Securus Technologies Developing the Highly Futuristic Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is among the leading prison technology company in the world. It is the first company to invest in the introduction of new technology to help make prisons safer and to prevent the misuse of the loopholes many prisons have. Over the years, the company has introduced several measures that have allowed the prisons to secure their premises without having to put the life of guards in danger. The company was set up in 1986 but has evolved with the needs of the prison industry. The principal office of the company is located in Dallas, Texas, but it also has many regional offices to look after their clients spread across the state. Securus Technologies have been known to proactive action when it comes to the security of the prisons. They are not afraid to introduce new technologies that they knew would take time to accept by the industry that then it leads to becoming a significant transformation for the industry, for example, the wireless containment system that they introduced last year.


Securus Technologies is known for delivering exceptional correctional products and is also known for the innovation that the company brings to the penitentiary sector. Along with being unique with its products, the company emphasizes on ensuring that the customer service it provides is fast, responsive, and attentive. The company has won many awards in the past for its customer service, and in 2018 as well, it won the famous and reputed Golden Stevie Awards. It is an award given for corporate excellence and Securus Technologies winning this award goes on to show that the company is determined to win the trust and patronage of its customers. Currently, more than 1.2 million inmates use the services of the company, and more than 3,450 law enforcement and correctional agencies have partnered with the company.


One other reason why Securus Technologies has been able to jump the ladder of success so soon in the correctional sphere is that of the constant development of innovative technologies. Securus Technologies continues to develop highly innovative and futuristic technology to make the penitentiary environment, safe and secure. Recently, the company started pilot programs for the drone detection technology that would be used by the correctional agencies to stop drones from entering the premise of the jail and deliver contraband packages. It has been seen that the drones are being used increasingly by the criminals to provide contraband items, including phones, drugs, and weapons inside prisons. Securus Technologies believes that with the help of drone detection technology, it would become easier for the correctional agencies to stop the inflow of contraband items in the prisons. It would help improve security inside prison and also help with controlling crime rate.



Securus Technologies: Keeping Our Prisons Safe

Did you know that technology can actually help prevent crimes inside prison walls? Securus Technology is an interesting technology company that I recently read about. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and employs over 1,000 people. Securus provides everything from a Location Based Service, to cell phone monitoring, to its patented Cell Phone Defender service. Securus Technologies is the largest provider of prison technology services in North America.


While Securus Technologies typically flies under the radar, working with select vendors, the company released a fascinating batch of articles that was full of pull quotes from various vendors that volunteered to share their thoughts on how Securus Technologies had impacted their operations.


Among the testimonials were ones that gave general compliments to Securus Technologies and stated that they had seen great results from the technology. Others shared specific instances of how the technology had helped them either keep things secure or solve crimes on the outside. For example, one series of monitored phone calls unearthed that a prison employee was corrupt. The employee was bringing in contraband items for prisoners. Another instance showed that monitored calls were able to find out that contraband cell phone was being used inside prison walls to coordinate crimes outside the prison. Additionally, one example from a Sherriff’s office spoke about how Securus’ Location Based Service technology had helped his team of officers track down over a million dollars in stolen items. This included weapons, firearms and stolen assets.


Among the many testimonials, the one I found the most interesting was one that monitored a call between an inmate and his brother outside of prison. The inmate was attempting to procure a fake alibi from his brother. Thanks to Securus, the prosecutor was able to use the taped call to put the inmate away for his crime.


Securus For The Future of Inmates

Securus Technologies is a United States prison technology company that is based in Texas. Securus launched a system to control contraband cell phones of inmates. This year, the company introduced its Wireless Containment Solution that helps in preventing contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks. The system has since blocked over 1.7 million calls of inmates from prisons.


A few years ago, Mr. Robert Johnson was a correction officer at Lee Correlation Institution in South Carolina. After an unfortunate event that involved him getting shot at by an ex-convict who was contracted by inmates using a contraband cell phone, Mr. Johnson now works for Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. Currently, the company is using the Wireless Containment System in its contract in a Florida correlations facility. The company provides paid calls for inmates, however, with the system; they can manage the ingoing and outgoing calls.


The company is basically putting up their own cell phone network for inmates. They have an antenna that broadcast a powerful signal that reels in the calls from prison. Once a phone attaches itself to the network, and you dial a number, the call will drop. Only calls from authorized numbers such as 911 are allowed.


I think the Securus Technologies is on a roll. Not only did they set up a cell phone network that can monitor all calls from the inmates, they virtually have their own pseudo school. I mean that literally. JPay, a Securus Technologies Company, helps to educate and rehabilitate inmates. They launched JPay’s Lantern last year, and it allows a lot of inmates to get an education. Inmates are provided with JPay tablets, and so far, over 4 million education course files have been downloaded.


Considering there are almost eighty thousand students enrolled, I think it’s safe to say that this will be a huge benefit for the inmates. Having an educational attainment upon release will give them better opportunities since the student inmates will have taken basic courses, earned college credits, and received their college degrees from Ashland University. The inmates even have the option of continuing their education at Ashland University when they are released.


A state-wide digital education initiative that uses JPay Lantern was implemented by Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC). The inmates in forty-four facilities were able to access more than 100 GED prep courses and downloaded general education modules. Lantern also has a free offering of KA Lite videos, and over 2.2 million inmates have already downloaded it.


By providing education to the inmates, JPay has given them hope for a brighter future.


I think monitoring the calls of inmates will help them focus more on getting an education instead of whatever it is that is going on outside the facility. They will be able to spend their time learning and getting a degree so that, upon release, they will be productive members of their community.



Technology for Safer Public Spaces

Not many people have heard of Securus Technologies, but it is a company that works in the background making people safer. They create technology that works for prisons and other correctional facilities to aid the staff. It also helps law enforcement be more efficient at their job by monitoring communications. They create solutions that also help the people who are in prison and allow them to keep in touch with the world outside.


People don’t realize how much they take for granted. Being able to call friends and family is one of the things people don’t always appreciate until they are not able to. It is important that companies like Securus Technologies create new and modern solutions that can be used by people on both sides. Access to reading material, a library that helps learning as well as legal advice are all things people take for granted. Another thing people want to access is information on their resumes and job search. Securus creates the possibility for people to plan their life after they return to the outside world.


Since staff monitors all of the communications and other aspects, there is no going around it. Law enforcement can obtain warrants if necessary from recorded conversations and information they have gained through the system. Modern technology helps solve a crime, and it is encouraging for the company as well because they can see the importance of their work. Public safety is an area that people should think more about since it touches all parts of society and it is important to make it a better space for everybody.


Securus Technologies works with more than 50 different prisons and continue to develop new tech solutions based on the feedback they receive from their current and past clients, making it more accessible, affordable and efficient for everybody.



Securus Technologies Protecting Officers Inside the Local Jail

Part of the job working inside the local prison or me is keeping drugs out of our facility. If inmates can get their hands on drugs, then me and my fellow officers are in danger whenever we come in contact with them. My job is to keep the facility free of drugs, and that will benefit inmates, officers, prison staff, and anyone who comes to the jail to visit with the inmates. To maintain order, me and my fellow officers must perform a number of different tasks each day as a result.


The first thing we do every day is to inspect inmate cells when they are in the yard or eating in the cafeterias. Next, we will head over to the inmate visitor center and try to search each visitor thoroughly, then do the same for the inmates before and after contact with anyone. Our team will monitor the mail coming into the jail for drugs, as well as listening to call the inmates make.


When we had Securus Technologies update the old monitoring system, it was like night and day. Today, we can use the LBS software to monitor calls while my team is elsewhere trying to crack down on the flow of drugs. If the system identifies conversations about drugs, we get an alert and can take the appropriate action before things get out of hand.


We have come to trust Securus Technologies because they have been installing these systems in thousands of jails around the country, and employees of this Dallas-based company are dedicating themselves to making our world safer. If inmates are on the phone talking about getting drugs at the visitor center, hiding drugs in their cell or the yard, or using drugs inside the prison, we can take action quick and stop the trouble.


Why Use Securus Technologies To Connect With Another? Read More To Find Out

Securus Technologies has been making quite a mark in the world of technological advancements. This specific program is quite innovative in its way and very useful as it has been incorporated into jails. It is a program that enables people to connect with one another from jail facilities to a location outside of the jail. It is mainly utilize by inmates to contact their friends or family member(s) back home as a way of conducting visitation, as opposed to having the visitor come visit them at the jail.


Traditional methods of visitation usually consist of visitors going to the jail facility within a specific waiting period in which they were finally able to connect with the individual they were visiting in the correctional facility. In this case, the visitation still occurs, however, it is conducted in an online format through video conferencing technology. If you are unaware of exactly what you can do to contact the inmate that you have been wanting to connect with, please visit the Securus Technologies website to see whether the correctional facility your friend, family member, or significant other is in allows the utilization of this innovative tool. It is a chance for you to connect with your friend, family member, or significant other regardless of being unable to attend the jail in a form of physical visitation. By speaking to a customer service representative, you will be able to receive an adequate amount of guidance and instructions to get started on the process of signing up and connecting with the individual who is currently in the correctional facilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are following the proper procedures of downloading and signing up for the program so that every aspect of the connection goes smoothly. You do not want to neglect the instructions portion of utilizing this program.


Securus Technology receives positive customer reviews and testimonials

Securus Technology is a popular company within the United States. The company has gone a long way in providing communication and technology solutions to people in the correction facilities. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and other offices at different parts of the country. The company has made it possible to provide to inmates an affordable and quality service. The company works tirelessly to introduce the latest technology in the market. It strives to ensure safety in correction facilities and that everyone is accountable for their wrongdoings. The communication services provided by the company has been highly beneficial to investigators.


Investigators that have highly benefited from the use of the software have sent some positive information to Securus. Comments were received in the form of letters and emails from jail and officials in the correction facilities that made use of the software. These officials were tasked to solve crimes to make life in the correction facilities safer. According to the company CEO, Richard Smith, Securus Technologies tries to develop a new service or product that should help people in correction facilities prevent and solve crimes.



One positive comment from a user of Securus noted how the prison has relied heavily on the technology provided by the company. It has always been encouraging to see how much the company has been committed in providing a revolutionary environment to improve public safety. Users of the software have been highly impressed with the company’s vision of making use of the latest technology to help solve crimes. The evolution of the investigative tools has been highly applauded. It provides a means where investigations can be carried out efficiently to improve jail security. Securus Technologies remains the leading provider of advanced equipment in the civil and criminal department. The company has always dedicate itself to provision of solutions that are both diverse and complex.



Securus Technologies’ Investigator Pro 4.0 enhances Efficiency at Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading company in providing state-of-the-art technologies for civil and criminal justice to enhance public safety. From monitoring, correction to investigations, Securus Technologies have new, advanced equipment to maintain a safe environment. They have released a new software, Investigator Pro 4.0 used in selecting a particular party’s or inmate’s voice. The software then searches inmates telephone records to identify criminal activities within correctional facilities. Investigator Pro 4.0 software is developed to help uncover high-interest, gang-related, and other potential criminal activities within correctional facilities by using voice identification.

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Solutions offered By Investigator Pro 4.0


Investigator Pro 4.0 allows the investigators to identify not just the telephone number or ID/PIN, but also individual’s voice. Use of voice identification software helps determine the following facts:

  • Identify if the party called by the inmate is an incarcerated inmate
  • Details of the conversation between inmates and their friends and relatives
  • If an inmate is still in touch with the former inmates

Investigator Pro 4.0 works efficiently when paired with other features of analysis to identify individual voices. The software proves to be a powerful tool in voice identification, confidence rating, and high-interest group tagging. Investigators will use investigator Pro 4.0 to monitor inmate’s telephone records and identify underlying criminal networks in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies serves law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies throughout North America. With its headquarters in Dallas, Securus Technologies focuses on connecting and serving the society with its cutting-edge inmate self-service, information management, communication, biometric analysis, monitoring services, and products to secure the world in the best way possible. Equipped with the right technological gadgets and software, Securus Technologies is the world’s leader in providing safe services and products in the correctional facilities.