Lori Senecal Advice on Successful Advertisement Methods

Occasionally, a company’s mode of advertisement determines its performance in profitability. In recent news, Lori Senecal stated that a company’s mode of advertisement should constitute several major methods. She started out by stating that a good advertisement should contain a well-targeted message. Additionally, the message should be perfectly understood by its target audience. She further insisted that a company’s mode of advertisement should convey a well-detailed message in order to achieve successful outcomes.

Jim Tananbaum informed that apart from conveying the required message, the company’s mode of advertisement should be capable of inspiring the audience. She further informed of the company’s need to have a diverse mode of advertisement. As a result, Jim informed that a larger targeted crowd would be reached. Since mobile phones are the commonly used devices, Jim explained of the need to utilize the internet as a mode of advertisement. He went ahead and gave examples of different ways to exploit social media using Facebook, Whatsapp and other commonly used social media sites. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

About Lori Senecal

Ms. Senecal is the current CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky Company where she has served since the year 2015. Having worked as the CEO of MDC Partner Network, Lori has a long experience in the advertising world. Additionally, the experienced CEO has an outstanding record in leadership where she has won several awards such as Quantum Leap award and recognition as top Women to Watch. Due to her accomplishments throughout her career, Senecal has received excellent recognition in her different fields of work. Further, during her tenure she has triggered several changes in her fields of work such as the expansion of internal offices and maturing upcoming talents.

Though seemingly shy and reserved, Lori Senecal is a strong and modern businessperson with a powerful presence in the advertising world. She continues to gain respect through continuous achievements and advancements in her accomplishments. Her commitment and active proactive advertisements solutions are some of the things Lori believes are the reasons behind her success. Consequently, Lori Senecal uses her successful career to influence upcoming entrepreneurs more so women. Visit Fast Company to know more. Follow her on Twitter

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