Oncotarget and its relevance to the medical fraternity

Information is power. This is one statement whose importance cannot be overemphasized beyond its literal interpretation. Since time immemorial, scientists and researchers in the medical fraternity have always been on the pursuit for new information and discoveries. Now thanks to technology and publications such as Oncotarget their findings can be publicly viewed by their fellow peers and the public at large hence helping on the buildup of information. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

What is Oncotarget?

Oncotarget an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on issues involving cancers, its potential causes, treatment and therapy mechanisms used in the care and management of patients. This publication also takes a management angle whereby it focuses on a patient’s quality of life, satisfaction and adherence to different management programs and therapeutic processes.

Even as we try to understand this journal, it is important to note that Oncotarget is multidisciplinary in nature and its journals are published online once a week. With the wide mission of making scientific results and evidences widely accessible throughout the world, this publication seeks to attain its mission through its specific objectives that include;

  • Providing a link for different biomedical science fields
  • Eliminating the boundary between specialty
  • Promotes quick sharing of exceptional discoveries being made
  • Provide an insightful view of this thereby maximizing the impact of research and
  • Helps promote the use of clinical and basic science in the fight of different diseases

Far and beyond Oncotarget has been able to achieve much than was actually projected. This is all thanks to its good leadership structure that include highly competent doctors and researchers. At the helm of its editorial team is Editor-in-Chief Dr Faris Farassat. Thanks to his stewardship, this publication has been able to achieve an impact factor of 2.272 and a five-year impact factor of 2.235.

In addition to this success, it is also worth noting owing to the success that the publication has been able to achieve it has increased on the number of specialties it will address to include: Pathology, Neuroscience, Aging, Microbiology, Cell Death, Neurotarget, Circadian Rhythm, Immunology and Autophagy. This has also seen the publication size increase to an employee of 11 to 50 employees.

With this in mind look watch out for the next Oncotarget publication soon and help grow the wide knowledge of science. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.