Michael Zomber Has Interesting Hobbies

Michael Zomber has often said that he needs to pinch himself every day because he can’t believe how his life has turned out. He has been able to be involved in a number of great jobs because of his expertise in a number of areas. One of the passions that has benefited him throughout his career has been his interest in the lives of samurai warriors.

They lived hundreds of years ago in feudal Japan. According to White Pages, Michael Zomber said that his interest in the beliefs of the samurai started many years ago when he was a boy. He was fascinated about how they could live their lives to serve their master and kill themselves if they failed in their duty. Learn more about Brian Torchin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1A63Y9XYOw

Zomber has written a wide variety of things that relate directly to his love of samurai warriors. The books that he has written have gained a great deal of attention. He is also the author of a screenplay that has been shown at a number of prestigious film festivals around the world. The documentary tells the story of a samurai and his quest to live a meaningful life.

One of the things that has made Michael Zomber somewhat famous is his extensive collection of old guns. He began his collection many years ago. He has managed to locate a number of rare pieces that have made museums around the world very jealous. Zomber became addicted to collecting guns after visiting a gun show with a friend.

He never thought very much about firearms until that moment. He then discovered that older guns were beautiful works of art. Many of them also had very interesting stories behind them. He initially only bought a small number of guns. However, his collection has increased as his income has grown over the years. He now attends auctions in many cities to find guns that he is looking for.

Michael Zomber has another collection that is gigantic. He has been collecting old samurai swords for quite some time. He has tried to find out all the info he can about the previous owners of each sword in his collection.