Betsy DeVos Stands Tall as Champion of Education Reformation.

When Donald Trump rose up the GOP ladder during the 2016 Presidential Primaries, much of the world was laughing into their hands. After all, what could a reality TV show host possibly do in the pursuit for the Presidency? As it turns out, he could do quite a lot. Donald Trump would go on to secure the primary nomination before winning the 2016 Presidential election, albeit in a closer fashion than we have ever seen before. In any event, President Trump took office in 2017 and has since then been working night and day in order to make his campaign promises a reality. Among those promises, President Trump swore to reform the government by moving away from career politicians in order to ‘drain the swamp’. In order to drain the swamp you have to have replacements ready and Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, was one of his earliest nominations.

Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. by way of the Michigan Republican Party where she served as the chairwoman for seven years. Betsy DeVos will be taking her first government position as part of Trump’s administration but she won’t be the least bit cowed by the enormity of it all. Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years sharpening her political fangs in order to compete in an environment that is notoriously hostile toward outsiders. Betsy DeVos comes into Washington D.C. after having struggled in her confirmation hearing, but it seems like that struggle was almost intentional in order to get people to underestimate her.

Within the confines of the Department of Education, which she now leads, DeVos is rapidly gaining a reputation. Despite being soft spoken and polite, DeVos showcases skills at the meeting table that have rarely been seen within newcomers to politics. She has been described in equal parts as a maverick and a bulldog and members of both sides of the political fence seem to echo the sentiment. Mike Cox, a prominent Republican as well as a former state AG, has gone on the record as calling DeVos ‘steely’ and ‘determined’ when she becomes focused or fixated on a goal. Cox goes on to point out that her domination of a room has little to do with her enormous wealth and everything to do with her ability to go toe to toe in a debate. Learn more:

DeVos is from a small community on the Western edge of Michigan in a town called Holland. She has worked with her father’s auto company and her brother is Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater — a personal security firm based out of Afghanistan. Her husband Dick DeVos comes from the Amway founding family and he has a fortune of his own. Dick DeVos ran for governor of Michigan back in 2006 but failed and now it looks like the political future of the family is in the capable hands of Betsy DeVos. DeVos has years to make a difference and it looks like she is already getting prepared to make it all happen.