Securus Technologies Developing the Highly Futuristic Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is among the leading prison technology company in the world. It is the first company to invest in the introduction of new technology to help make prisons safer and to prevent the misuse of the loopholes many prisons have. Over the years, the company has introduced several measures that have allowed the prisons to secure their premises without having to put the life of guards in danger. The company was set up in 1986 but has evolved with the needs of the prison industry. The principal office of the company is located in Dallas, Texas, but it also has many regional offices to look after their clients spread across the state. Securus Technologies have been known to proactive action when it comes to the security of the prisons. They are not afraid to introduce new technologies that they knew would take time to accept by the industry that then it leads to becoming a significant transformation for the industry, for example, the wireless containment system that they introduced last year.


Securus Technologies is known for delivering exceptional correctional products and is also known for the innovation that the company brings to the penitentiary sector. Along with being unique with its products, the company emphasizes on ensuring that the customer service it provides is fast, responsive, and attentive. The company has won many awards in the past for its customer service, and in 2018 as well, it won the famous and reputed Golden Stevie Awards. It is an award given for corporate excellence and Securus Technologies winning this award goes on to show that the company is determined to win the trust and patronage of its customers. Currently, more than 1.2 million inmates use the services of the company, and more than 3,450 law enforcement and correctional agencies have partnered with the company.


One other reason why Securus Technologies has been able to jump the ladder of success so soon in the correctional sphere is that of the constant development of innovative technologies. Securus Technologies continues to develop highly innovative and futuristic technology to make the penitentiary environment, safe and secure. Recently, the company started pilot programs for the drone detection technology that would be used by the correctional agencies to stop drones from entering the premise of the jail and deliver contraband packages. It has been seen that the drones are being used increasingly by the criminals to provide contraband items, including phones, drugs, and weapons inside prisons. Securus Technologies believes that with the help of drone detection technology, it would become easier for the correctional agencies to stop the inflow of contraband items in the prisons. It would help improve security inside prison and also help with controlling crime rate.