Madison Street Capital and a Name To Remember

Most industries in finance are tough businesses to start when you’re operating in New York City. The reason for this is obvious. The “Big Apple” is a place that never sleeps. Which means that if you were to operate there also, you’d need a means whereby you can operate around the clock. Non-stop is the only option when amongst such competition.


This is what Madison Street Capital is often known for. The team is also diverse and that enables the agency to be even more efficient when working around the clock. This is important because international services work well when they are operating in various different times zones. So, though you might be sleeping soon, someone is just waking.


This diversity has allowed Madison Street Capital to stand above it competitors and to create a name for itself. But let’s not forget that the agency is reaping in a great deal of profit as a result. The math here is simple. When usual businesses shut down for the day, the additional business that this agency gets keeps it making more money.


For these reasons, Madison Street Capital has a name that will always be remembered. Now, we’ll look deeper into the particular part the agency plays on this international market.



What A True Investment Bank Does


Investment entities of all kinds do just that. They invest. What they invest can be as diverse as there are stars. And no one can better diversify a portfolio than the way Madison Street Capital can. But to put it in the most basic form, this firm offers advisory services, work within mergers and acquisitions, corporate consultations and equity investments.


These only list a few of the attributes that we recognize as Madison Street Capital reputation and today. Only professionals in finance would understand the additional service if there were listed here. Nevertheless, the classes of clients the agency has consist of wealthy individuals, businesses and government entities.


That diversity also adds to the work potential of the firm and why Madison is held with such greatness. This fair mix will enable it to grow and soar in the coming future also.


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Norman Pattiz Talks about Advertising on Podcast Formats

Podcast programming has been around for a few years now. Despite the clear success of many podcast shows, there are some companies that still advertise on them. It’s not that podcast ads are expensive; in most situations, they’re actually cheaper. It’s because there hasn’t been much research done on the success of podcast advertising.

Recently, PodcastOne partnered with Edison Research to conduct a genuine study of podcast campaigns. The study is the first of its kind to include both pre- and post-campaign results. The study involved five major national consumer brands across several categories. The overall results showed each campaign had a significantly positive effect on listeners.

The study was conducted over the last half of 2016. Earlier this year, Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne, and Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research, announced the final results. According to their data, every category and product saw a rise in consumer awareness after the campaigns aired.

To ensure constant results, three separate studies happened in 2016. Each brand had their own message to relay to consumers. Some launched new messages and the others sought to increase brand awareness. Each brand’s campaign ran for four to six weeks and online surveys were conducted before and after the campaigns ran.

This study was important to both Pattiz and Webster. Norman Pattiz plans on using these results to further integrate advertising on his many podcasts. It’s the reason he got his company involved in the study in the first place. As for Webster, he’s always proud when his company produces positive data. He found it very rewarded to partner with PodcastOne.

Norman Pattiz is the biggest name in the radio and podcast industry. He has over four decades of experience in radio syndication. One of his first big successes was Westwood One, which became America’s largest news, sports, entertainment, talk, and traffic provider. He’s worked with, owned, or managed some of the biggest names in the industry, including NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, and both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

When podcasts gained creditability, Pattiz launched PodcastOne. Since then, his company’s become the leading producer/distributor of on-demand programming. PodcastOne hosts some of the most celebrity podcast hosts in the U.S., including Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Larry King, and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

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Revolutionizing the Makeup Industry with Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a self-professed morning person, who loves getting up and greeting the day slowly. She wakes up every morning at 8:30 sharp and begins her routine of stretches, drinking a full glass of water to stay hydrated, making breakfast, and checking her phone calendar. Doe Deere lives by her phone calendar, and couldn’t get by without it. Her favorite part of the morning is her makeup routine, which can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how in-depth she wants to get. These are her go-to makeup choices:


Face Wash. Face Moisturizer.Foundaton.Filling Out the Rest. Doe Deere heads to the office around noon to catch up with her team and is usually home by six, dreaming up new products.

  • Face Wash. Doe Deere uses Glossier face wash because its gentle and she loves the smell of roses.
  •  Face Moisturizer. Next, she moves on to Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’ face moisturizer. She states this is her favorite because hydration is the key to clear skin and this works fantastically.
  • Foundaton. She uses one of two foundations on any given day. The first foundation is L’Oreal’s ‘True Match Foundation,’ or MAC’s ‘Studio Fix’ for when she is going out to meetings.
  • Filling Out the Rest. Doe Deere fills in her brows, then moves to her cheeks and lips. She is known for using a soft pink on her cheeks and a bold red or pink on her mouth. She favors her own brand Lime Crime’s ‘Matte Velvetine’ for her lip color. Her go-to colors are ‘Rustic,’ ‘Red Velvet,’ and ‘Pink Velvet’ to make a bold statement.




Lime Crime

Doe Deere invented Lime Crime in October of 2009. She was frustrated with not being able to find bright enough colors to match her personality. She began with liquid matte lipsticks, which sold out almost instantly and started a new trend. She has since expanded to include hair colors, eye shadows, artificial nails, and makeup brushes. Lime Crime is vegan-friendly and certified cruelty free.


Doe Deere is revolutionizing the makeup industry and will continue to grow and expand as new ideas are brought to life.


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Two George Street Photography Locations

Orlando beaches offer a extravagant wedding location

Orlando Florida is known as a premier city for entertainment and family fun. It also serves as a great wedding location. The ocean serves as a lavish backdrop for a wedding ceremony. The stunning city also houses a location for one of the most talent group of wedding photographers. George Street Photo and Video’s Orlando location.

Talented Tampa Photographers know all of the premier beachfront locations

If you are looking for wedding photography in Tampa Florida, look no further then George Street Photography and Video. Whether you are having your wedding at Curtis Hixon Park or The Florida Botanical Gardens, George Street Photography and Video can capture every single wonderful moment. George Street Photo and Video Address Locations specializes in weddings. They can make the photography experience stress free.


Fabletics Taking Over The Activewear Industry

Fabletics is a unique company that gives women the chance to receive efficient and top of the line clothing in the world of activewear. The best part about Fabletics is the fact they provide their customers with a large array of quality activewear at affordable prices for just one monthly low price. This subscription based monthly offer is very worth it because it can open the door to buy quality designer activewear at very low prices, and not to mention that the brand does not sell these clothes anywhere else.


Fabletics has every plan to build stores throughout the nation, and they will start off with just a few stores throughout the US. They plan on allowing women to join the company through the store. Women will have the chance to find top quality clothing at the store and be able to try on the clothes very easily without any struggle. It’s fun being able to try the clothes on and experiment, and then to buy it later on. This is known for being the showroom technique, and now people can buy the clothes alter on making it easier on them if they need to save up the money for serval outfits.


Fabletics sells and creates new designs every month, so every new month you will receive different suggestions for what you want and are looking for. This is fun because you know that they are always going to come up with something you love.


Kate Hudson is the woman behind this brand, and she genuinely loves Fabletics because of how well it brings together women in one location. Fabletics is the solution for being able to accomplish so much more in this business and getting to find the clothes that inspire women to workout. The best part about Fabletics as Kate says is that they offer clothes for women of almost every single size. They want to let everybody know that they are always welcome to get in shape.


Kate considers Fabletics to be the leading brand for activewear because it brings a solid solution for women wanting to get quality activewear from the comfort of their own home. They have a solid company that Kate believes is here to stay and give women the solution they have always wanted. This is by far one of the best brands, so take the quiz and get all the recommendations for what you need.