Attention Blondes: Say Goodbye To Straw-Like Hair!

When it comes to hair care, blondes most definitely do not have more fun. Natural or dyed blonde hair can often be thin, fine, and dry. Some women even compare the texture of their hair to hay or straw!

Blonde hair is naturally more porous than all other hair colors. What this means is that it absorbs things more easily. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is blonde’s hair ability to act as a sponge, drinking in moisture from hair treatments. The curse, unfortunately, is not really having the ability to control the amount of moisture that blonde hair retains. Usually, this amount will end up being excessive. This not only can dull light hair, but it can also make freshly washed hair look greasy and feel weighted down. Even worse, fine hair will hang limp and have absolutely no body if hair has been overly conditioned or if you use a conditioner that is not recommended for your specific hair type.

There are many other reasons that hair can end up being overly porous. The environment hands out plenty of damage, whether it is extreme wind, hot and cold temperatures, or excessive sun exposure. Self-inflicted damage can be the most contributing factor. Ripping a brush or comb through wet hair, chemical color treatments, using a hair dryer, heat styling tools, and the use of shampoo and conditioners that have harsh chemicals and can strip hair.

Although it may seem hopeless, there is one simple change that can make a world of difference. Throw out those old bottles of shampoo and conditioners that contain sulfates and switch to a cleansing conditioner. It will literally transform your brittle blonde strands into a silky soft head of hair.

It can be overwhelming selecting a brand of cleansing conditioner for your hair type. It really does not have to be this difficult. Skip the confusion and purchase a bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner works for all hair types and textures. You will notice a change after just one use. An added bonus is that WEN actually replaces your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangle spray, and leave-in treatment products!

You have no control over the weather. You probably would refuse to surrender your hair dryer or curling iron, right? Start by making this simple switch in your cleansing routine and make every day a good hair day!

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Fabletics Takes on Amazon in the Online Fashion Retail Industry

Fabletics is a company that has come up with quality wear for ladies. The clothing items include fashion pieces such as sportswear, activewear, bras, and hoodies. Kate Hudson founded the brand in the year 2013. The goal of the company has been to establish itself as a leading provider of fashion clothing online. Fabletics sells its items at discounted and affordable prices. It has also been referred to as an all-inclusive product. That means that every lady can find any clothing of their body size. Fabletics has had to face big competitors in the fashion industry. However, it has devised creative methods that enable it to beat competitors. The company has considered educating customers and knowing customer preferences to create a winning brand.


Fabletics is a retail store that is available in both online and offline retail stores. The online platform is simple and easy to use. Anyone interested can sign up at the company’s website and start enjoying discounts. Signing up for the membership is a simple process because one has only to fill an online survey. The survey allows the company to know your preferences, body size, and tastes in fashion. The firm has an additional VIP membership option. One gets clothing items at discounted rates shipped every month.


Fabletics is a clothing brand that has created fashion pieces that inspire the active lifestyle. The brand has gained recognition for its competitive price. To inspire its customers further, Fabletics recently came up with a forum where people share their passions. Fabletics is not another online retailer. It is a fashion brand that seeks to make the best of its customers. The creative steps undertaken by the company has made it a highly successful brand in the e-commerce industry.


When Fabletics was starting, it had to compete with giants in the retail industry. One giant that proved to be a real competitor was Amazon. Amazon controls about 20 percent of the current retail industry. The firm has seen it impossible for new retailers to get into the industry. However, Fabletics got into the industry with a bang and made huge sales. Kate Hudson’s brand is currently worth $250 million. It is critical to note that the company has achieved that success in a short period of three years. The trick is that Fabletics provides fashion items that motivate consumers. The firm has also created a powerful tool that enhances customer experience.


Fabletics started out as an online company. The company operated their website differently. While other companies focused on a showrooming business strategy, Fabletics built a reverse showrooming. The entire subscription program by the company enhances a reverse showroom business. People that subscribe to the company purchase items at discounted prices. The result is that customers have come from other business areas to purchase from Fabletics. Fabletics has become highly successful and is planning to open brick and mortar stores. The firm currently has sixteen operational physical stores. It expects about 100 stores in the coming five years.


Rocking the Gold

Buying from the U.S. Money Reserve can be one of the best investments in your life. Not only is it one of the largest distributors of government issued coins, but the largest distributors of gold. With valued and trusted team members, Building relationships found on the condition of customer service, they have served over 300,000 happy clients.

The U.S. Money Reserve is backed by Philip D. Deihl, the 35th director of U.S. Mint. Deihl has not given up on the dream of preserving U.S. Reserve and brings worthy experience and trust to the business. His main goal is pursuing and ordaining the importance of mint coins, creating an asset to the American people.

With an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, the U.S. Money reserve has a long acknowledge of customer service and bestows an experienced portfolio of securing mindful money decisions and investments.

Gold has always played a major part in our history and economics. Although it may not currently play a big part in our money ecosystem, it will always hold strong in being a great investment. Not until recently has gold been the world reserve currency. Dating back to the Byzantine Empire, it has been the world standard. In 1944, the current dollar replaced gold in the Bretton Woods Agreement, and in 1971 Nixon axed gold as any future currency.

You may currently be thinking, if gold can’t be used as a currency then how is it worth as an investment? The answer to that is simply, it has many more uses. Gold is used in daily modern products such as jewelry and electronics, it is still a common trade object, when inflation occurs gold has a more steady standard where the dollar’s cost can skyrocket or plummet. It provides a sense of diversity to the stock market, since it can lower the risk of other investments. Finally, gold can easily be converted into any currency around the world.

So next time you think about investing, think gold. It is so much more than just a dollar sign. And when you think about investing gold choose the U.S. Money Reserve. With the friendliest staff and experienced portfolio, it may be the best offer around.

U.S. Money Reserve CEO, Angela Koch Discusses Leadership, Culture and KPIs