Securus Technologies Continues To Modernize Incarcerated Experience

America has a long-standing history of preserving families, and this has been one of the primary objectives of many agencies. Securus Technologies has embraced the role of strengthening families by helping inmates connect with their loved ones. The company recognizes that once a parent or child is incarcerated, it can amount to family crises, victimization, and demoralization.


Through a wide array of inmates’ communication solutions, the company has helped many families create emotional attachments that are paramount in bonding family’s members. Through video Visitation, an inmate can participate in family rituals such as opening gifts, birthday celebrations, and religion practices. Video Visitation offer limitless options to visitation process, an incarcerated parent can take part in his child sporting and concert activities. You can imagine a parent reading bedtime stories or even guiding children with their homework from prison.


To improve mobility and convenience for everyone involved in video visitation process, Securus has launched a Video Visitation application that is supported by Apple and Android platforms. The company has announced that they are working on launching the same in other platforms such as Kindle and Microsoft.


You can download the app from Google Store or App Store on your Smartphone, and you will be able to schedule Video visitation from any location as long there is internet access. It is easy to navigate through Video Visitation app, and one can register accounts in just a few steps. The app eliminates need of web cameras, tethered computers, and new hardware. The apps come with email and voice mails options as well as affordable telephone call plans, all of which can suit various objectives.


Currently, the company provides technology solutions to more than 3,400 law enforcement, corrections facilities, and public safety agencies.


Securus feature the best score of engineers, thinkers, technologist, and designers second to none in the industry. With hundreds of patents, the company brings a vast array of solutions that include the famous Video Visitation and related product and services, Threads data analytics, Jail management systems, and inmate tracking devices.


Moreover, Securus offers interactive voice response systems, managed access services, continuous voice biometrics, real-time wireless monitoring, and inmates’ tablets. Far from what existed in correctional industries 20 years ago, Securus Technologies feature more than 700 products, which correctional facilities and inmate can choose from.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.