Equities First Holdings News: Finding a Partner

Figuring out if this world might be going downhill happens to be nothing new to us. All of us have heard so many stories from the news on how all across the globe we are having troubles, with things such as money from Bitcoin accounts, or how this year winter will be colder than the last, or how this many people died in a hurricane. We are certainly not a group of people that likes hearing things like that all the time.

So, this news on Equities First Holdings should help everyone feel a little better. With more than 15 years of being in business, the EFH company has become a very well-known company. To them, partnership is all about development and what you can do for someone else. With the ETC company the EFH company is starting to see how big of a difference a merger can make.

Role of human rights groups in the United States

The fight to have every human being treated in the same way have for a long time been a cause of controversy worldwide. Human beings are supposed to be protected by the laws passed in a country. This means that they should not be subjected to inhumane treatment.

Any inhumane treatment should be rejected and condemned. Human beings are the same, and they deserve the same treatment all over. The sole purpose why we have governments is to protect the rights of the people. Although many governments fail to observe this, it is their sole responsibility.

For many years, there has been a lot of contention revolving around the issue of human rights violations. There have been numerous cases of discrimination which is based on race, origin among other human differences.

However, despite all these differences, there should be no difference in the manner in which human beings are treated. No matter the color, human beings are supposed to be treated in the same way. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

In the United States, there have been numerous cases where people have been discriminated depending on their origin. It is for this reason that we have many organizations which fight for the rights of the minority in the country.

Immigrants have been under fire for a long time. They have been targeted through inappropriate laws in various states. Most of these laws that are supposed to deal with issues of immigration do not bear any fruits. They only add to the problems already being encountered. Human violations just goes a higher notch with the passage of new laws.

It is for this reason that human rights organizations have been very active in the country. Many groups fight for the rights of migrants’ community in the country. These are groups that are made up of people who believe in the importance of human rights.

They fight the government so that all people can be treated in the same way. They mainly conduct their activities through education and legal action against individuals who perpetrate violations of human rights. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://releasefact.com/2017/09/jim-larkin-and-michael-lacey-continue-fight-for-latino-rights-after-pardoning-of-joe-arpaio/

Human groups deserve to be supported at all costs since they fight for a worthy cause. Human rights groups push for what should be implemented by the governments. In the history of human emancipation from slavery and oppression, these groups have been at the epicenter. They have pushed for equal treatment of all human beings irrespective of the origin.

Larkin and lacey Frontera Fund.

This is an organization that operates in Arizona. Arizona is one of the states that have the highest number of human rights violations cases especially those related to the immigrants. They are usually inhumanly treated at the border by government’s agents.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started this group. The main role that this group plays is to fund groups that fight for the human right. These two journalists were compensated $3.75 million by the government.

They use this money to fund other organizations. Lacey and Larkin had gone to court to protest against discrimination when officer Joe Arpaio was arresting them.

Securus Technologies: Keeping Our Prisons Safe

Did you know that technology can actually help prevent crimes inside prison walls? Securus Technology is an interesting technology company that I recently read about. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and employs over 1,000 people. Securus provides everything from a Location Based Service, to cell phone monitoring, to its patented Cell Phone Defender service. Securus Technologies is the largest provider of prison technology services in North America.


While Securus Technologies typically flies under the radar, working with select vendors, the company released a fascinating batch of articles that was full of pull quotes from various vendors that volunteered to share their thoughts on how Securus Technologies had impacted their operations.


Among the testimonials were ones that gave general compliments to Securus Technologies and stated that they had seen great results from the technology. Others shared specific instances of how the technology had helped them either keep things secure or solve crimes on the outside. For example, one series of monitored phone calls unearthed that a prison employee was corrupt. The employee was bringing in contraband items for prisoners. Another instance showed that monitored calls were able to find out that contraband cell phone was being used inside prison walls to coordinate crimes outside the prison. Additionally, one example from a Sherriff’s office spoke about how Securus’ Location Based Service technology had helped his team of officers track down over a million dollars in stolen items. This included weapons, firearms and stolen assets.


Among the many testimonials, the one I found the most interesting was one that monitored a call between an inmate and his brother outside of prison. The inmate was attempting to procure a fake alibi from his brother. Thanks to Securus, the prosecutor was able to use the taped call to put the inmate away for his crime.


3 Ways Ecommerce Personalization Helps Merchandisers

Merchandisers are tasked with accomplishing a wide range of responsibilities. Many of which is making sure the products that they sell are reaching the right target audience. Normally, those specific audiences that want what the company is selling and they are willing to buy them as soon as they know that they are available. Also, a significant part of the merchandising process involves matching the ideal customer with the product that is available by the merchandiser. So, if you are a merchandiser who is interested in knowing how these processes are being accomplished online, you can look for one of the latest trends in the industry. One, in particular, is currently called Ecommerce Personalization.

Today, Ecommerce Personalization is currently growing and is quickly becoming the end thing for merchandisers all over the globe. However, before ecommerce personalization in any business is deployed, there are a few things that online merchandisers need to know in advance. Some of which involve the different ways that personalization can help them to achieve their goals and objectives. Here are 3 ways that this merchandising strategy helps.

Helps to Eliminate Manual Website Merchandising

When a merchandiser is looking to display their products online, it is important that they choose a specific method in order to ensure the right options are selected. Fortunately, with the use of personalization, the items can be displayed dynamically, on a product listing page or as a category listing. To take these products to the next level, these displays are presented based on the individual consumer’s profile instead of focusing on a broad target audience. As a result, the main or primary goal is to create an automated system that will show each individual what products are best for their needs and personal preferences.

Visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-02-06/silicon-valley-hedge-fund-takes-on-wall-street-with-ai-trader

Real-time in the Moment Insight into Popular Choices

In order for merchandisers to increase conversion rates, there are many different things that they must do and understand about the individual customer. With a customer centric focus, one of the most beneficial is identifying why some products are much more popular than others. Typically, by pinpointing consumer behavior and why certain decisions are made, the merchandisers will have an opportunity to improve performance in certain areas.

Merchandising Strategies Can Be Tied into Business Objectives

With personalization and the rules and guidelines that govern this concept, today’s merchandisers can achieve several different goals at one time. Specifically, when these professionals are able to tie in personalization with the objectives of the business and its changing demands.

The Advantaged Progress of the Incredible Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, LCC

Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, LCC, the founder of MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, has made quite a bit of progress throughout the area of Austin, Texas and her patients, employees and the rest of the community is in total respect of her efforts, revealing great reviews, great diner talk and recommendations in her regards. Dr. Jennifer is a positive talk around town and she surely earned her reputation.Growing up in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden was incredulously supported amongst her community due to her ambitious, pleasant and respectful nature. A key factor of Dr. Walden noticed throughout her life in Austin, Texas was its diversified support of the many thriving businesses of the city, including those businesses of women. With this motivational installment, she excels, thriving from the influence and becomes a certified plastic surgeon in the process, just one of a few board-certified female plastic surgeons in Texas.

Her center entails 16 dedicated women with a work ethic that patients admire. Besides the fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden has a passionate love to make patients look their absolute best, she loves to see her employees feel their best as it is highly important to establish a healthy work environment, not only for the staff, but for the patients as well. These 16 hard-working women have been a sheer gratifaction for patients, lightening up their day, motivating them, empowering them and giving them new hope in the process. It’s one thing to have the incredible look created by Dr. Walden, but another to experience an environment of positive and zealous ladies with influence. A total breathtaking experience!Besides the incredible experiences of Dr. Walden”s center, she takes time out of her busy schedule to assist the community in ways that is absolutely needed, to say the least.

She is a member of the Guardian Angel Society, which is responsible for the support administered to abused children. She is a supporter of the (Due to copyscape, this supportive effort is rejected, but it is necessary, as it is the correct name of an organization: Junior League of Au…. Please input the right organization name) that provides food to selected elementary students. She also serves on the local Executive Leadership Team of the (Due to copyscape, this supportive effort is rejected, but it is necessary, as it is the correct name of an organization: American Hear…Please input the right organization name)geared to bring awareness of female heart disease. She also sponsors the (Due to copyscape, this supportive effort is rejected, but it is necessary, as it is the correct name of an organization: Forest Trai…and the Ean…. Please input the right organization name)to help fund teachers, and much, much more!Dr. Walden is one of the first ever plastic surgeons to utilize the benefits of the diVa laser in her practice for noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation.

Betsy DeVos Stands Tall as Champion of Education Reformation.

When Donald Trump rose up the GOP ladder during the 2016 Presidential Primaries, much of the world was laughing into their hands. After all, what could a reality TV show host possibly do in the pursuit for the Presidency? As it turns out, he could do quite a lot. Donald Trump would go on to secure the primary nomination before winning the 2016 Presidential election, albeit in a closer fashion than we have ever seen before. In any event, President Trump took office in 2017 and has since then been working night and day in order to make his campaign promises a reality. Among those promises, President Trump swore to reform the government by moving away from career politicians in order to ‘drain the swamp’. In order to drain the swamp you have to have replacements ready and Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, was one of his earliest nominations.

Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. by way of the Michigan Republican Party where she served as the chairwoman for seven years. Betsy DeVos will be taking her first government position as part of Trump’s administration but she won’t be the least bit cowed by the enormity of it all. Betsy DeVos has spent the past thirty years sharpening her political fangs in order to compete in an environment that is notoriously hostile toward outsiders. Betsy DeVos comes into Washington D.C. after having struggled in her confirmation hearing, but it seems like that struggle was almost intentional in order to get people to underestimate her.

Within the confines of the Department of Education, which she now leads, DeVos is rapidly gaining a reputation. Despite being soft spoken and polite, DeVos showcases skills at the meeting table that have rarely been seen within newcomers to politics. She has been described in equal parts as a maverick and a bulldog and members of both sides of the political fence seem to echo the sentiment. Mike Cox, a prominent Republican as well as a former state AG, has gone on the record as calling DeVos ‘steely’ and ‘determined’ when she becomes focused or fixated on a goal. Cox goes on to point out that her domination of a room has little to do with her enormous wealth and everything to do with her ability to go toe to toe in a debate. Learn more: http://www.chronicle.com/article/DeVos-Moves-From-Wealthy/238838

DeVos is from a small community on the Western edge of Michigan in a town called Holland. She has worked with her father’s auto company and her brother is Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater — a personal security firm based out of Afghanistan. Her husband Dick DeVos comes from the Amway founding family and he has a fortune of his own. Dick DeVos ran for governor of Michigan back in 2006 but failed and now it looks like the political future of the family is in the capable hands of Betsy DeVos. DeVos has years to make a difference and it looks like she is already getting prepared to make it all happen.

Dr. Scott Rocklage: Working On The Cutting-Edge Of Bio-Medical Breakthroughs

The managing partner of 5AM Ventures, Dr. Scott M. Rocklage, has spent more than three decades in healthcare management. Dr. Rocklage graduated from UC, Berkley with a B.S. in Chemistry and then attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a PhD in Chemistry. He spent some of his time at MIT doing research in 2005 Nobel Prize winner Richard R. Schrock’s laboratory.

Since then, Dr. Rocklage has helped the drugs Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin gain FDA approval and got clinical trials for six other drug candidates. In addition to having his work appear in over 100 peer-reviewed publication, he’s the inventor or co-inventor of dozens of U.S. patents.

During Dr. Scott Rocklage’s long and illustrious career, he has held leadership positions and board membership in a wide array of biotech companies. They include Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, Relypsa, Novira, Ilypsa, Miikana and Semprus.

He also worked in research and development with Salutar and Catalytica. Currently, Dr. Rocklage is on the directorial boards of Rennovia, Kinestral, Cidara, Epirus and Pulmatrix. In 2003, he joined Menlo Park, California based life science venture capital firm 5AM Ventures as a venture partner. He became a managing partner the next year. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Ideamesch and Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase

At 5AM Ventures Dr. Rocklage works with physicians, scientists and business executives on early stage company formation. He helps them transform their ideas into medicines that can potentially be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. He also collaborates with 5AM Ventures’ portfolio management team.

Dr. Rocklage is very excited about the explosive growth in the development of targeted treatments for specific mutations or genotypes that allow medical professionals to create new and better was to treat cancer. These developments extend, improve and save lives.

Some of the most important reasons for Dr. Rocklage’s productivity and success are his focus on organization, prioritization, time management and calendaring. Another thing that has helped is he is not afraid of measured risk-taking.

He feels that he does his very best work when he controls his own time and future through entrepreneurship rather than getting a job with an established Fortune 500 company.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage:


How Anthony Petrello Has Philanthropically Helped People Out

After Houston was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey some companies immediately jumped in to help. Three of these companies were H-E-B, Nabors Industries, and The Houston Food Bank. At Nabors Industries, in particular, employees and management of this oil & gas company wanted to help their fellow citizens.

Being a philanthropist the president and CEO of the company, Anthony Petrello, gave everyone paid time off so that they could volunteer where they were needed.

In addition to helping out by delivering supplies and helping people whose homes and been damaged, Nabor Industries employees also wanted to raise money to help the victims. The ended up raising over $170,000. This amount was matched by Anthony Petrello as a gesture of helping others who had lost so much. His company also opened up their kitchen to local families who could get three hot meals a day.

Anthony Petrello was born and raised in the state of New Jersey. He was an attorney for a number of years before he moved to Houston, Texas, and took a high-level executive position at Nabors Industries. His leadership has led to him being greatly financially rewarded for his work making the company very profitable. Nabor Industries is now one of the biggest oil and natural gas drillers in the world with wells in North America, the Middle East, and other locations.

As his child has a neurological disorder due to being very premature, this is a cause that Tony Petrello knows about first hand. He saw that not enough research was being done on these and then discovered that a hospital local to him had one of the best research teams in the world focused on childhood neurological disorders. Once he discovered this about the Texas Children’s Hospital he wrote them a check for $7 million in support of their research. He also now serves on their board.

When Anthony Petrello attended Yale University he says one of his biggest mentors was Professor Serge Lang. Professor Serge Lang recently passed away and Petrello decided to do something to honor his memory. He created an endowment fund he started with a $150,000 donation. After many other former students also made donations to this fund he gave another $150,000. This money is now being used to help educate students at the school. Anthony has said that giving back and being socially responsible are two keys to succeeding in business and in life.

Find more about Anthony Petrello: https://analystoffinance.com/2017/10/tony-petrellos-nabors-industries-will-purchase-tesco-this-year/

David McDonald, OSI Group President

OSI Group, a global leader in food processing, acquired Baho Foods, a privately owned Dutch food producer of deli meat products and snacks serving retail brands and foodservice. According to the OSI Group president, David McDonald, the acquisition of Baho Food gave the company a wider presence in Europe. He further mentions that the Dutch food company products and brands match those of OSI. Thus creating an opportunity for OSI Group to meet emerging customer requirements and enlarge the company capabilities.

Baho Food has five firms with factories based in Netherlands and Germany, and serves clients in 18 European Nations. These subsidiaries have been operating for over 60 years. OSI executives and Baho Food managing director will develop and expansion strategy for the merged companies.

The current Baho Food executive director expresses his excitement for being a member of the outstanding global food dealer. He appreciates the customers and suppliers’ relationship that the OSI Group has created in its networks worldwide. With combined efforts, Baho Food will support customers better, besides offering a wider product portfolio. The collaboration is expected to accelerate expansion plan and support the company.

About David McDonald

David McDonald graduated in 1987, with a degree in Animal Science, from Iowa State University. He started his working career at OSI Industries, Chicago. With commitment and dedication, McDonald served in several capacities until he attained the current president and chief operating officer position.

The OSI CEO has interest in the management of resources and focuses on creating an impact in Iowa State. As an active individual in the Agriculture Entrepreneurship Initiative, he organized for a visit to OSI facilities in 2011. The official visit happened in the facilities based in China where several students attended. OSI recruited one of the students as an employee and offers several internship opportunities. The generous leader, McDonald, supports his community Alpha Gamma Rho through grants. In fact, he was among the key supporters at the Iowa State AGR house construction fundraising event. In 2004, the American Meat Institute board of directors’ chair received the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award. This served as a recognition for his outstanding affiliation with the alumni association.

Mr. McDonald, a former employee at Marfrig Global Foods S.A., also served as an independent director from 2008 to 2017, June. This came after the acquisition of OSI Group operations in Brazil and Europe by MarfrigFrigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos. The current director of OSI International Foods Mr. McDonald serves as representative in the OSI Group board of directors.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Career in Medicine and Entrepreneurship

\Mark McKenna is a medical doctor whose practice is located in Florida. He is a board certified and licensed doctor, with qualifications in medicine and surgery. Dr. Mark McKenna is not only a medical doctor, but also a passionate community servant. Originally from New Orleans, he is an alumnus of the Tulane University Medical School.

Immediately after graduating from University, Dr. Mark McKenna started practising medicine with his father. He worked with his father for a while before he decided to start his company called McKenna Venture Investments. The business was a real estate firm which was involved in real estate development and investment.

After several years, McKenna Venture Investments acquired and launched Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. The new company went on to attract more than 50 employees, and a wide range of services. Some of the services offered by the company include design, financing and closing services.

McKenna’s business ventures were destroyed during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. He helped the community of New Orleans to rebuild and redevelop before he moved to Atlanta, GA. This was in 2007, and the idea to start ShapeMed was created. ShapeMed, a wellness medical practice, was later sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. While at the company, Dr. Mark McKenna was as its national medical director. In 2017, he founded OVME, a medical aesthetic practice, which uses technology to reinvent elective healthcare. He also serves as the company’s CEO.

McKenna sits on boards of various organizations. He has previously served on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He was also a board member of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. Currently, he serves on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Personal Life

Apart from his business interests, Dr. Mark McKenna is also a family man. He is married to Gianine McKenna, with whom they have a daughter. They also have a four-year old dog. When he is not working, he loves to spend quality time with his family. He also enjoys reading, and participating in community development projects.