IAP – a company building the impossible

IAP Worldwide Services had auspicious origins. In the early 50’s a company called Pan Am Services, subsidiary of Juan Trippe’s renowned airline, was formed to manage the facilities of the burgeoning US space program. This led to the company becoming the main provider for all launch facility services at Cape Canaveral throughout the heyday of the Space Age. This included managing all launch phases of the Saturn V, the Apollo missions as well as the Space Shuttle program. Not a bad start!

IAP expanded through the 70’s and 80’s, diversifying into airport services. In 1989 Pan Am Services was acquired by Johnson Controls, a major logistics contractor. The merger proved to be synergistic, enabling the free flow of expertise and creating new economies of scale. The new firm also continued growing its airport services operations.

IAP itself was formed in 1990 as a one-trick-pony to service a single contract for a US Army base in Saudi Arabia. The nascent firm performed admirably enough that when the first Gulf War unexpectedly broke out in 1990, the company was asked to come on board for the war effort. This led to a dramatic expansion on start.cortera.com as IAP dutifully and competently executed its role under the stress of war. IAP’s professional and experienced staff, many of whom had seen combat, impressed the Army brass enough to parlay that single initial contract into a 370 million dollar per year business by the mid 90’s. Throughout the second Gulf War and the broader War on Terror, IAP gained favored status for their steadfast competence and unshakable professionalism under fire.

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In 2005 IAP acquired the aforementioned Johnson Controls, thus taking into their fold one of the finest pedigrees in the history of aerospace logistics. The following year they acquired British heavy equipment giant G3 Systems Ltd.

At present, IAP ranks among the most important infrastructure services and logistics providers of the US Armed Forces. With 1600 full time employees operating in 20 countries and across countless military installations, IAP Worldwide Services has become a global juggernaut in the logistics space. IAP is currently responsible for providing the basic means of survival to over 175,000 US troops across the United States and the Middle East.

Since the 1950’s IAP and its subsidiaries have been instrumental in bringing some of the greatest projects of mankind to fruition. As diverse as their businesses are, there is a central philosophy that binds all they do. They believe that value is created by matching the most talented and experienced professionals with jobs that require their expertise. It’s that simple. At its core IAP is a business built around people, its talented employees and its customers. That’s been the key to its success in the past as it will be into the future.

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Securus Technology receives positive customer reviews and testimonials

Securus Technology is a popular company within the United States. The company has gone a long way in providing communication and technology solutions to people in the correction facilities. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and other offices at different parts of the country. The company has made it possible to provide to inmates an affordable and quality service. The company works tirelessly to introduce the latest technology in the market. It strives to ensure safety in correction facilities and that everyone is accountable for their wrongdoings. The communication services provided by the company has been highly beneficial to investigators.


Investigators that have highly benefited from the use of the software have sent some positive information to Securus. Comments were received in the form of letters and emails from jail and officials in the correction facilities that made use of the software. These officials were tasked to solve crimes to make life in the correction facilities safer. According to the company CEO, Richard Smith, Securus Technologies tries to develop a new service or product that should help people in correction facilities prevent and solve crimes.


One positive comment from a user of Securus noted how the prison has relied heavily on the technology provided by the company. It has always been encouraging to see how much the company has been committed in providing a revolutionary environment to improve public safety. Users of the software have been highly impressed with the company’s vision of making use of the latest technology to help solve crimes. The evolution of the investigative tools has been highly applauded. It provides a means where investigations can be carried out efficiently to improve jail security. Securus Technologies remains the leading provider of advanced equipment in the civil and criminal department. The company has always dedicate itself to provision of solutions that are both diverse and complex.



Securus Technologies’ Investigator Pro 4.0 enhances Efficiency at Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading company in providing state-of-the-art technologies for civil and criminal justice to enhance public safety. From monitoring, correction to investigations, Securus Technologies have new, advanced equipment to maintain a safe environment. They have released a new software, Investigator Pro 4.0 used in selecting a particular party’s or inmate’s voice. The software then searches inmates telephone records to identify criminal activities within correctional facilities. Investigator Pro 4.0 software is developed to help uncover high-interest, gang-related, and other potential criminal activities within correctional facilities by using voice identification.


Solutions offered By Investigator Pro 4.0


Investigator Pro 4.0 allows the investigators to identify not just the telephone number or ID/PIN, but also individual’s voice. Use of voice identification software helps determine the following facts:

  • Identify if the party called by the inmate is an incarcerated inmate
  • Details of the conversation between inmates and their friends and relatives
  • If an inmate is still in touch with the former inmates

Investigator Pro 4.0 works efficiently when paired with other features of analysis to identify individual voices. The software proves to be a powerful tool in voice identification, confidence rating, and high-interest group tagging. Investigators will use investigator Pro 4.0 to monitor inmate’s telephone records and identify underlying criminal networks in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies serves law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies throughout North America. With its headquarters in Dallas, Securus Technologies focuses on connecting and serving the society with its cutting-edge inmate self-service, information management, communication, biometric analysis, monitoring services, and products to secure the world in the best way possible. Equipped with the right technological gadgets and software, Securus Technologies is the world’s leader in providing safe services and products in the correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies Continues To Modernize Incarcerated Experience

America has a long-standing history of preserving families, and this has been one of the primary objectives of many agencies. Securus Technologies has embraced the role of strengthening families by helping inmates connect with their loved ones. The company recognizes that once a parent or child is incarcerated, it can amount to family crises, victimization, and demoralization.


Through a wide array of inmates’ communication solutions, the company has helped many families create emotional attachments that are paramount in bonding family’s members. The recent release, Video Visitation, is revolutionizing how inmates stay connected to their family. Through video Visitation, an inmate can participate in family rituals such as opening gifts, birthday celebrations, and religion practices. Video Visitation offer limitless options to visitation process, an incarcerated parent can take part in his child sporting and concert activities. You can imagine a parent reading bedtime stories or even guiding children with their homework from prison.


To improve mobility and convenience for everyone involved in video visitation process, Securus has launched a Video Visitation application that is supported by Apple and Android platforms. The company has announced that they are working on launching the same in other platforms such as Kindle and Microsoft.


You can download the app from Google Store or App Store on your Smartphone, and you will be able to schedule Video visitation from any location as long there is internet access. It is easy to navigate through Video Visitation app, and one can register accounts in just a few steps. The app eliminates need of web cameras, tethered computers, and new hardware. The apps come with email and voice mails options as well as affordable telephone call plans, all of which can suit various objectives.


Securus Technologies is renowned for its innovative solutions that are uniquely designed to modernize incarcerated experience and improve public safety. Currently, the company provides technology solutions to more than 3,400 law enforcement, corrections facilities, and public safety agencies.


Securus feature the best score of engineers, thinkers, technologist, and designers second to none in the industry. With hundreds of patents, the company brings a vast array of solutions that include the famous Video Visitation and related product and services, Threads data analytics, Jail management systems, and inmate tracking devices.


Moreover, Securus offers interactive voice response systems, managed access services, continuous voice biometrics, real-time wireless monitoring, and inmates’ tablets. Far from what existed in correctional industries 20 years ago, Securus Technologies feature more than 700 products, which correctional facilities and inmate can choose from.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.