Ricardo Tosto is a Reputable Litigation Lawyer in Brazil

If you are facing a business problem or dispute that cannot be cleared up through an alternative resolution such as negotiation or arbitration, consulting a lawyer who focuses on business or corporate law may be the right option for you.

There are several ways to go about finding a good lawyer. Recommendations are a great starting point in getting a phone number or a website of an attorney who is reputable. More than likely, someone you know has hired an attorney at some point. Inquire if they had a good experience and whether or not they obtained the results they wanted.

After exploring law firms and attorneys, you should set up your initial consultation. Many attorney’s websites offer this option online. Call during their business hours if they don’t. A trustworthy firm needs to be able to make your appointment for you right over the phone.

Whether your dispute involves partnerships, intellectual property, finances, breach of duty, insurance, data security, breach of contract, insurance, shareholders, or other government entities, an experienced lawyer can help you handle the case. It is important to hire lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of corporate or business litigation.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been rendering top notch litigation services for many years. His litigation firm, based in Brazil, has a history of catering to high-profile clients, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, multinational organizations and politicians.

As an experienced business lawyer, Ricardo Tosto assists clients through a variety of business and corporate litigation issues. Ricardo Tosto represents businesses throughout Brazil. By using every resource at his disposal, Ricardo Tosto provides thorough representation and appropriate guidance to the businesses and people he serves.

Ricardo Tosto’s practice emphasizes client advocacy and courtroom litigation, and he works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.

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Brian Torchin & His Impact On Healthcare Recruitment

The Healthcare Industry is one of the most popular, practical, and profitable industries in the world. Though being such a huge field, many people whom are seeking employment tend to find that it’s very difficult when trying find a job. Being such an exclusive field of work, qualifications are highly important especially when dealing with the health of people.

Lulu said that this is where Brian Torchin comes into the picture and his company Healthcare Recruitment Counselors provides search services and consultation for people who are seeking employment in healthcare. This is a valuable service as t cuts down on the amount of time that it takes to find a job as well as offer consultation, which helps individuals prepare for the specific roles. Learn more about more Brian Torchin: https://twitter.com/hcrc_staffing

These exclusive services also helps healthcare organizations whom are in a deficient, to finding qualified people for the tasks at hand. Basically this one-two punch is “killing two birds with one stone” in a sense. The company has a client base of 200 and with the ever demanding needs of healthcare, expansion is likely to follow.

According to a Slideshare, Brian Torchin does wonders by collaborating with different healthcare groups, enterprises, and organizations in various markets such as Asia, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the U.S. The idea is rather genius and so far it’s been working. The company has a large social media presence as well with thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Individuals here can stay on top of current trends, job openings, breaking news, and seminar information. With these efforts, organizations can easily narrow down the search for qualified individuals, which saves time and money. This is one of the most progressive and efficient ways to do business especially in the 21st Century.

This guy has literally found a great formula of success from his efforts. He’s been in the industry for many years who’s worked as a chiropractor and he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports medicine from the University of Delaware. Brian Torchin and HCRC Staffing is setting new trends, raising the bar higher, and changing the status quo.

Health Partner- USHEALTH Advisor

One cannot prevent a problem from happening but can have a trusted partner to help when during the emergency. An emergency can be sickness, accidents, or even financial issues. It is advisable always to have this trusted partner to help in times of problems. One can take a policy cover from an insurance company or save with a financial institution.

USHEALTH Advisor is a family firm that has the mandate of offering the best level of innovative health coverage. The health organization offers a full range that has given their customers a unique opportunity to tailor their health coverage needs. USHEALTH Advisors has been delivering competent healthcare services and products since it was founded in 2009. The medical insurance policy company can well be described as a real leader in the health industry that has been providing flexible, reasonable, and safe health plans for their clients.

USHEALTH Companies have been licensed trough its life and health insurance to provide quality coverage services as well as products to their customers including accidents, sickness, and diseases, critical illness, vision insurance, disability insurance, dental coverage, and life insurance. The health insurance company was established on a sound basis with an aim and mission of assisting people every day. They believe that they live their mission every day by committing to help others make their lives better. USHEALTH Advisors consider that their success begins with their customer’s success that is why their client’s interest is first.

USHEALTH Advisors, offer inexpensive and dependable health insurance products and services. They ensure that their customers get the best services for their daily medical coverage and even long term illness. Since it was established, USHEALTH group has been expanding and has been attracting more clients. USHEALTH has experienced staffs who are dedicated to providing better services and even exceed the expectations of their customers. Their management team trusts in the combination of innovation and expertise in everything they do. The company has vast experience in the insurance industry and has its Headquarters located in Fort Worth, Texas, and has employed more than 200 employees. USHEALTH Advisors work every day to Helping Other People Everyday (H.O.PE).

Attention Blondes: Say Goodbye To Straw-Like Hair!

When it comes to hair care, blondes most definitely do not have more fun. Natural or dyed blonde hair can often be thin, fine, and dry. Some women even compare the texture of their hair to hay or straw!

Blonde hair is naturally more porous than all other hair colors. What this means is that it absorbs things more easily. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is blonde’s hair ability to act as a sponge, drinking in moisture from hair treatments. The curse, unfortunately, is not really having the ability to control the amount of moisture that blonde hair retains. Usually, this amount will end up being excessive. This not only can dull light hair, but it can also make freshly washed hair look greasy and feel weighted down. Even worse, fine hair will hang limp and have absolutely no body if hair has been overly conditioned or if you use a conditioner that is not recommended for your specific hair type.

There are many other reasons that hair can end up being overly porous. The environment hands out plenty of damage, whether it is extreme wind, hot and cold temperatures, or excessive sun exposure. Self-inflicted damage can be the most contributing factor. Ripping a brush or comb through wet hair, chemical color treatments, using a hair dryer, heat styling tools, and the use of shampoo and conditioners that have harsh chemicals and can strip hair.

Although it may seem hopeless, there is one simple change that can make a world of difference. Throw out those old bottles of shampoo and conditioners that contain sulfates and switch to a cleansing conditioner. It will literally transform your brittle blonde strands into a silky soft head of hair.

It can be overwhelming selecting a brand of cleansing conditioner for your hair type. It really does not have to be this difficult. Skip the confusion and purchase a bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner works for all hair types and textures. You will notice a change after just one use. An added bonus is that WEN actually replaces your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangle spray, and leave-in treatment products!

You have no control over the weather. You probably would refuse to surrender your hair dryer or curling iron, right? Start by making this simple switch in your cleansing routine and make every day a good hair day!

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Fabletics Takes on Amazon in the Online Fashion Retail Industry

Fabletics is a company that has come up with quality wear for ladies. The clothing items include fashion pieces such as sportswear, activewear, bras, and hoodies. Kate Hudson founded the brand in the year 2013. The goal of the company has been to establish itself as a leading provider of fashion clothing online. Fabletics sells its items at discounted and affordable prices. It has also been referred to as an all-inclusive product. That means that every lady can find any clothing of their body size. Fabletics has had to face big competitors in the fashion industry. However, it has devised creative methods that enable it to beat competitors. The company has considered educating customers and knowing customer preferences to create a winning brand.


Fabletics is a retail store that is available in both online and offline retail stores. The online platform is simple and easy to use. Anyone interested can sign up at the company’s website and start enjoying discounts. Signing up for the membership is a simple process because one has only to fill an online survey. The survey allows the company to know your preferences, body size, and tastes in fashion. The firm has an additional VIP membership option. One gets clothing items at discounted rates shipped every month.


Fabletics is a clothing brand that has created fashion pieces that inspire the active lifestyle. The brand has gained recognition for its competitive price. To inspire its customers further, Fabletics recently came up with a forum where people share their passions. Fabletics is not another online retailer. It is a fashion brand that seeks to make the best of its customers. The creative steps undertaken by the company has made it a highly successful brand in the e-commerce industry.


When Fabletics was starting, it had to compete with giants in the retail industry. One giant that proved to be a real competitor was Amazon. Amazon controls about 20 percent of the current retail industry. The firm has seen it impossible for new retailers to get into the industry. However, Fabletics got into the industry with a bang and made huge sales. Kate Hudson’s brand is currently worth $250 million. It is critical to note that the company has achieved that success in a short period of three years. The trick is that Fabletics provides fashion items that motivate consumers. The firm has also created a powerful tool that enhances customer experience.


Fabletics started out as an online company. The company operated their website differently. While other companies focused on a showrooming business strategy, Fabletics built a reverse showrooming. The entire subscription program by the company enhances a reverse showroom business. People that subscribe to the company purchase items at discounted prices. The result is that customers have come from other business areas to purchase from Fabletics. Fabletics has become highly successful and is planning to open brick and mortar stores. The firm currently has sixteen operational physical stores. It expects about 100 stores in the coming five years.


Rocking the Gold

Buying from the U.S. Money Reserve can be one of the best investments in your life. Not only is it one of the largest distributors of government issued coins, but the largest distributors of gold. With valued and trusted team members, Building relationships found on the condition of customer service, they have served over 300,000 happy clients.

The U.S. Money Reserve is backed by Philip D. Deihl, the 35th director of U.S. Mint. Deihl has not given up on the dream of preserving U.S. Reserve and brings worthy experience and trust to the business. His main goal is pursuing and ordaining the importance of mint coins, creating an asset to the American people.

With an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, the U.S. Money reserve has a long acknowledge of customer service and bestows an experienced portfolio of securing mindful money decisions and investments.

Gold has always played a major part in our history and economics. Although it may not currently play a big part in our money ecosystem, it will always hold strong in being a great investment. Not until recently has gold been the world reserve currency. Dating back to the Byzantine Empire, it has been the world standard. In 1944, the current dollar replaced gold in the Bretton Woods Agreement, and in 1971 Nixon axed gold as any future currency.

You may currently be thinking, if gold can’t be used as a currency then how is it worth as an investment? The answer to that is simply, it has many more uses. Gold is used in daily modern products such as jewelry and electronics, it is still a common trade object, when inflation occurs gold has a more steady standard where the dollar’s cost can skyrocket or plummet. It provides a sense of diversity to the stock market, since it can lower the risk of other investments. Finally, gold can easily be converted into any currency around the world.

So next time you think about investing, think gold. It is so much more than just a dollar sign. And when you think about investing gold choose the U.S. Money Reserve. With the friendliest staff and experienced portfolio, it may be the best offer around.

U.S. Money Reserve CEO, Angela Koch Discusses Leadership, Culture and KPIs

Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is not only a family man but a generous philanthropist, and Chairman, President, and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. Petrello became CEO of the company in October of 2011 and has held the title of President since 1992. Nabors Industries Ltd.has been in the business of drilling for oil and gas in over 20 countries. Anthony Petrello has continued to lead Nabors Industries as the leading provider for offshore drilling rigs for the US market. Beyond Tony Petrello’s prowress in the business world on Bloomberg, he is a man of many facets.

Tony Petrello was noted by his Fresman college roommate as a thin “public-school scholarship kid” from Newark, New Jersey. He stood out amongst his fellow students, especially because of his attitude which sharply contrasted to popular opinion on decorum. Anthony Petrello as a Freshman enjoyed joking but possessed an eager demeanor. Tony was also known for being a math whiz, and had the fortune to be under the tutelage of Professor Serge Lange, while attending Yale University. Tony Petrello recieved his Bachelor and Master degrees both from Yale University. Reference: http://www.nri.texaschildrens.org/give_gift/leaders_giving/cynthia_tony_petrello.aspx

Passionate for a Cure
Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia donated 5 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital Neurological Research Institute on Salary.com, focusing on researching a cure for neurological disorders, especially those that affect children. Tony Petrello knows first hand the struggle that parents go through, and the need for greater research for neurological derived developmental conditions. Tony’s daughter Carena, age 8 suffers from periventricular leukomalacia. Little Carena was diagnosed with PVL due to being born premature at only 24 weeks. Due to her health condition, she subsequently developed cerebral palsy, which has caused severe developmental issues and delays. Anthony Petrello has committed himself to vigorous research so that his family and others can benefit from better treatments for neurological conditions, and hopefully a future cure.

IAP – a company building the impossible

IAP Worldwide Services had auspicious origins. In the early 50’s a company called Pan Am Services, subsidiary of Juan Trippe’s renowned airline, was formed to manage the facilities of the burgeoning US space program. This led to the company becoming the main provider for all launch facility services at Cape Canaveral throughout the heyday of the Space Age. This included managing all launch phases of the Saturn V, the Apollo missions as well as the Space Shuttle program. Not a bad start!

IAP expanded through the 70’s and 80’s, diversifying into airport services. In 1989 Pan Am Services was acquired by Johnson Controls, a major logistics contractor. The merger proved to be synergistic, enabling the free flow of expertise and creating new economies of scale. The new firm also continued growing its airport services operations.

IAP itself was formed in 1990 as a one-trick-pony to service a single contract for a US Army base in Saudi Arabia. The nascent firm performed admirably enough that when the first Gulf War unexpectedly broke out in 1990, the company was asked to come on board for the war effort. This led to a dramatic expansion on start.cortera.com as IAP dutifully and competently executed its role under the stress of war. IAP’s professional and experienced staff, many of whom had seen combat, impressed the Army brass enough to parlay that single initial contract into a 370 million dollar per year business by the mid 90’s. Throughout the second Gulf War and the broader War on Terror, IAP gained favored status for their steadfast competence and unshakable professionalism under fire.

Read more: IAP selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

In 2005 IAP acquired the aforementioned Johnson Controls, thus taking into their fold one of the finest pedigrees in the history of aerospace logistics. The following year they acquired British heavy equipment giant G3 Systems Ltd.

At present, IAP ranks among the most important infrastructure services and logistics providers of the US Armed Forces. With 1600 full time employees operating in 20 countries and across countless military installations, IAP Worldwide Services has become a global juggernaut in the logistics space. IAP is currently responsible for providing the basic means of survival to over 175,000 US troops across the United States and the Middle East.

Since the 1950’s IAP and its subsidiaries have been instrumental in bringing some of the greatest projects of mankind to fruition. As diverse as their businesses are, there is a central philosophy that binds all they do. They believe that value is created by matching the most talented and experienced professionals with jobs that require their expertise. It’s that simple. At its core IAP is a business built around people, its talented employees and its customers. That’s been the key to its success in the past as it will be into the future.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: https://www.iapws.com/

Securus Technology receives positive customer reviews and testimonials

Securus Technology is a popular company within the United States. The company has gone a long way in providing communication and technology solutions to people in the correction facilities. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and other offices at different parts of the country. The company has made it possible to provide to inmates an affordable and quality service. The company works tirelessly to introduce the latest technology in the market. It strives to ensure safety in correction facilities and that everyone is accountable for their wrongdoings. The communication services provided by the company has been highly beneficial to investigators.


Investigators that have highly benefited from the use of the software have sent some positive information to Securus. Comments were received in the form of letters and emails from jail and officials in the correction facilities that made use of the software. These officials were tasked to solve crimes to make life in the correction facilities safer. According to the company CEO, Richard Smith, Securus Technologies tries to develop a new service or product that should help people in correction facilities prevent and solve crimes.


One positive comment from a user of Securus noted how the prison has relied heavily on the technology provided by the company. It has always been encouraging to see how much the company has been committed in providing a revolutionary environment to improve public safety. Users of the software have been highly impressed with the company’s vision of making use of the latest technology to help solve crimes. The evolution of the investigative tools has been highly applauded. It provides a means where investigations can be carried out efficiently to improve jail security. Securus Technologies remains the leading provider of advanced equipment in the civil and criminal department. The company has always dedicate itself to provision of solutions that are both diverse and complex.



Securus Technologies’ Investigator Pro 4.0 enhances Efficiency at Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a leading company in providing state-of-the-art technologies for civil and criminal justice to enhance public safety. From monitoring, correction to investigations, Securus Technologies have new, advanced equipment to maintain a safe environment. They have released a new software, Investigator Pro 4.0 used in selecting a particular party’s or inmate’s voice. The software then searches inmates telephone records to identify criminal activities within correctional facilities. Investigator Pro 4.0 software is developed to help uncover high-interest, gang-related, and other potential criminal activities within correctional facilities by using voice identification.


Solutions offered By Investigator Pro 4.0


Investigator Pro 4.0 allows the investigators to identify not just the telephone number or ID/PIN, but also individual’s voice. Use of voice identification software helps determine the following facts:

  • Identify if the party called by the inmate is an incarcerated inmate
  • Details of the conversation between inmates and their friends and relatives
  • If an inmate is still in touch with the former inmates

Investigator Pro 4.0 works efficiently when paired with other features of analysis to identify individual voices. The software proves to be a powerful tool in voice identification, confidence rating, and high-interest group tagging. Investigators will use investigator Pro 4.0 to monitor inmate’s telephone records and identify underlying criminal networks in correctional facilities.


Securus Technologies serves law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies throughout North America. With its headquarters in Dallas, Securus Technologies focuses on connecting and serving the society with its cutting-edge inmate self-service, information management, communication, biometric analysis, monitoring services, and products to secure the world in the best way possible. Equipped with the right technological gadgets and software, Securus Technologies is the world’s leader in providing safe services and products in the correctional facilities.